Grey Havens

My first experiments with rhyming poetry

With a Glance?

Inspired by a handsome, blue-eyed boy from Iowa?

Prancing Pony Inn

Tolkien fans?ever wondered what the Bree scene was like through Frodo's eyes&;#063;?


Dedicated to the only character in all of literature whom I have identified with

Celestial Soda Pop

Creative endeavor about?creativity!


Written for a contest whose topic was "I hold in my hand?"


Allegorical poem about death and fear


My take on the generic topic of the paths of life


Love: should come with a Government Health Warning...

The Truth

Sometimes it hurts...


When your world turns grey...


When that special person isn't around any more...

R: Sanctum Sanctorum

An ageless time, days blending into nights for the duration; the relentless passing of time, wasted, replaced by more time to obscure the reality of...

K: Frustration

Tea bag in the cup And kettle full of water - No bloody tea spoon!

Manufactured Illusion

The transparent lies, well meaning so to obscure the obvious truth. The traces hidden well but so as to be eventually discovered. I realise their...

Q: Corner of the Sardine Tin

The part of existence we all want to find is infinite. The epic journey towards the answer urges greed; the chaotic ego blinds us of our faults. Man...

G: Disappointment

I find belief in the past: pictures found in archives, the stories then produced emotion - not what we see today. Suffering was a virtue then a cause...

L: Alone on the Corner

She's burning inside while standing there, to expose her thoughts is vile. Alone with no-one to confide in - can't do it, just won't do it. Her...

N: The Nation's Favourite Undergraduate

'The walk along the blackpath from Teesside Takes years; a sunny, Brownie dream of ease Of bank holidays at the good seaside.' Andy Croft...