Shadows of Day

a morning in Greece

Coffee cups and checklists

Of one man's struggle to show himself worthy

Here Where I hide in the evenings

Here, where I hide in the evenings, there is a long polished bar who has held so many men's pipes and pints in tankards, shining glory wins to the...

Embrace You

Did you think I'd be unhappy with the life I lead The person, the opinion, the way you force me to be Take a step back and let me believe No, that...

Sacred Room (The)

Under a moon of a thousand sighs, Upon the shore of unbroken dreams, Came the sound of two hearts smiling. The shadows sang to the watching sky, And...

Gods Chum

The pigeons have ears - human ears.

Z: The Fallen Angel

its about a fallen angel

X: Razor Blade


K: The Guardian

A peacemaker in our time

What is needed to do it.

Realising everything.

What is needed to do it.

Realising everything.

Everlasting Night

Deep and Blue.


It's all about.

Old Age (Not)

for the young at heart everywhere

Neighbourly Love

To a lovely woman across the road

There came a day

A poem after Hughes, written by a 10 year old girl.

The Drugs Czar's Car

On being grilled about the new Drugs Czar by James, 8

Edge of the Universe

A religious journey taken unknowingly.


A prayer for protection