What I think the old men say about me.

Mmm. There's that foreigner again. Yep. There she is. Funny. Yep. It's funny alright. Do you think she's from Brazil? I dunno?..why Brazil? There are...

If I could be someone else

If I could be someone else, I would be an invisible someone who follows me around barking instructions - 'Go to the gym, reprobate.' 'Don't say that...


the perfect romantic setting

Tin Ghost

Various dialogues

Campus Walkers, The rest, anyway, in knowing there will always be the campus walkers who go briskly round and round--undeterred--near 5 pm when the highland sun has lost its vigor; campus walkers who feel convinced at that moment and site that the physical world as created is indeed a marvellous masterpiece of beauty and mystery never to be surpassed. In part even.


Exercise 2

Second Childhood

Mental illnesses hurt more than the sufferer

The Funk Soul Connection

Never give out your password or credit card number in an instant message conversation. -Funk_soul_brother has entered the chatroom- Sid says: well I...

Long nights

last thoughts at night

B: I Know

part 2 of Karl's exercise vibe.

Ball of String

Feelings and emotions


I always thought you needed fins To get packed into sardine tins But we all form a perfect cube When we are travelling on the Tube With someone's...


brighton beach


Cavafy Move past me, to hold in ode honour to Cavafy He who knows that flight from, is to escape nothing He found no road, no ship that exists, to...


Behind me, I carry a cavity, a sense of loss That forewarns me, it is the shadow of my past As I look forward to see beyond, there is dullness To...

I Drew My Own Face Again Today

sometimes words just don't cut it

The Interview

The Interview

Pretty Horses

I know these things they take time to heal like most afflictions of the heart as a child in the beginning he was my hero he could make me laugh to...


I really don't know, just don't ask