Liquid Atmosphere

A night out with the lads.

Where's The D.J.

Night Fever Out Clubbing.

Jimmy Bailey

With thanks to;- She Had To Go And Lose It At The Astor

One Less Friend

The Big Question - Why.

By the river

a fishing trip with a difference

Girl Next Door (The)

Lust driven pubescant madness.

Night Driving

Posing on four wheels.


I left the hearty seconds of my ex-bedroom be. If you'd kindly take notice, I've saved you a snack from Chernobyl. Creaming with fallout and sweet...

Room: First Fumblings

I am pushing and cracking and crinkling and ripping. Underneath what I'm trying to accomplish is this tearing that doesn't seem to extract from the...

Eggs and sperm (mostly sperm)

you have balls, as I put it, returning laboured from work too late because you took the wrong road and had to backtrack, my burlap baby you are cheap...

Holding on by a hand

Actually, who do I know but the person weeding deep in the woods pawing at melancholy dirt old dry dirt dirt in search of a pagan wiccan explosion of...

Alternative Lifestyles

pallid, meek used to myself in supposition my feet are bare and make the greatest sense hobnobbing with tundra; the little flows in my wintered shelf...


I told the brass knockers off Knock it off and into a light, frameless cloud a gracious deepness I immerse myself In there, I can't exude. The...

Seizure of your insult today

pared - the shaped schedules of manual beeps and clicks on your rigid and glued hair strands why not hand me a dagger a slice of the skin on your...

I imbued you

gorgeous i recall little unicorn giggles the scent of the garden that a giant dropped us into the fake din invoked but kept in a jar as if in a...

Derek's story

A night patrol goes wrong, horribly wrong

Burnt salty pumpkin seeds

The press of the binder sends cold into me. By an egg timer, the electricity comes back on. The shadows see me. I'm in the afterthrows - the...

A tinman quote

"Be a dear and pass me my tin foil, Elsie. More than anything, I'd sincerely like to be the tinman I ought to be. I want to be chivalrous and shiny...

Last place (18.4:Last Place)

"Words are the things that hurt, Ryan." the knock comes and I grab the nearest thing and quietly run as fast as I can to the underground away from my...

King Candle

Melting, with a candelabra cutting me and growing out of my weaker thigh and I let out a gasp: "How did that lovely treat get there?" and however...