Oh, how happy am again to hear the gentle bellow of my friend again. Your sweet whisper echos in the clouds. people can be afraid of you but I know...


We walk side by side, Arm in arm. Yet we are a lifetime apart. The occational leap into the others world, Momentarily brings us closer, But results...


Listening for the sweet caress of her voices in my mind, Hoping that it will not be the last. Seeing the love imprinted in my mind for eternity,...

Ending and beginning

The light of the sun slowly seeping out, Leaving darkness. Nothingness. Silence. Then after reflection, The soul touches the light and lives again.


Wandering through a lonely desert, And finding an oasis. Lost, And finding a path. Deaf, But hearing the notes of enchanting sounds ringing in your...


Drawing your voice to my dream. Thinking you love me. Visioning us together, No-one to hurt us, free to love each other. I enter back into reality...


Thats my partner.


Releasing love pulls the soul to the clouds. A broken or muddled heart pulls the soul through a field of thorns.

Ilegable book

Your head is like a book. It holds many pages, Filled with memories, Thoughts, Feelings. To open this book, And to actually understand, Is a huge...


Your voice echos within my head, Time after time, Reminding me of fond memories. But soon, The enchanting sound of your voice, Rings like evil in my...


Meeting you Does not drag me throught a field of thorns Anymore Your eyes Do not freeze me to the spot Anymore You are not the air in my lungs...

Sunny afternoon in english

The Sun Lighting up every corner Turns up the heat Shorts and T-shirts at the ready Lazy Too hot to do anything Red faces Inability to concentrate...

Virtually the same

I'm lucky, to've never been discriminated against due to skin or religion; being Vegan is not ingrained as fingerprints of litany a patina of...

Dinner is Swerved

Boy meets girl, girl is nuts.

O: Cops

Futuristic cop thing.


I saw her in a room without windows whispering smoke into an ashtray three glasses smeared with bloody lipstick empty near her elbow Waiting for...

Dead phone

punishment to fit the crime

Van K.

The actor and playwright, Van K., asked me to loan him a copy of Amiri Baraka's poetry anthology. It's a signed copy, I said. Van K. smiled, vowed to...

X-Fields of Joy

I find a soul; a soul that is lost, Searching aimlessly throughout darkened walls. Wanting, waiting, yearning to befound I know i belong, i want to...


vita brevis