Q - Mum and Dad...

I dream of normality, the kitchen table of life. We never did all sit in a circle talking. Too many lies said, all those truths unspoken. I listen...

G - My Girl

Your eyes dance and shine with chatter and moving feet. I've watched you grow quickly, it has been all too fast. As we move toward the future, I know...

Hero's Grace

Head on through Winter's darkest hour Through icy frost and freezing shower. Reach out for joy when life is pain Enduring sadness time and again...


Was that day so fateful? Yes - the day we met. Life changed inevitably hindsight may have helped! Such a short time together - who'd have guessed?...

Spirit of the Forest

The sins of the fathers...

Man In The Moon

A romantic evening


Parting of the ways.

What Use Am I

Desperately seeking Love

Your All I've Got

All consuming love.

Melt Away And Glow

The heat of passion.

She Doesn't Know

Love Spurned. (For Anita.)

City Of Angels

Wannabe Capital Of The World

Gather your thoughts cause something will happen!

I met a man tonight, with loads of bristle and loads of fight, he told me he had the BIG c, and I just had to applaud, but not aloud!!! Cause he was...

Erik Joel Matson

This was written in memory of my cousin Erik who will be sorely missed.


Contented in love.


is the bard that brokers with tradition.

Wanting Once Forgotten

I can feel the closeness of your breath A warm feather against my cheek While your hair cascades down my chest The tender morsel of your lips That...

Restless Sleep

Within a slumber deep and dark I journey through a memory lost A barren landscape dry and stark, Burned by fire, crushed by frost I stumble on the...


The emptiness hammers another nail into my chest. My fingers dance of their own volition, weaving intricate patterns in the empty space between the...

O) automaton

crestfallen centuries of cracked stone tiled across the face of years slate grey complexion and mottled red frowns before me paper traces the back of...