A Bridge on Serenity Street



One Man Hat On Project

Sixty eight years ago, Doc Zilla bought a Stetson. Doc died thirty five years ago. He passed the Stetson on to my father who immediately passed it on...

Hat in Hand at the Hatter's

With visual vocabulary firmly in place and with destiny drawing closer to revelation, I made an appointment to meet the Master Hatter. Lynn and I...

Leo's Weird.....The Hatter's Tale

Size matters. The hat was too big. "Whoa, Leo's got a big head" I observed. "Why don't you try Richard Gere's hat from Chicago. That one's on the...
Story of the week

Don't I Look Like Myself?

By the time that the Master Hatter had finished describing the weirdness of Leo, I had already decided that I wanted the hat. I didn't want Leo's hat...

Blind Spot

Even though we are licensed drivers in New York, in order to get a driver's license in North Carolina, we had to take a test on road signs and get...

Fiction is the New Truth

Fiction is the new truth. I'm pretending to be a writer. I'm also pretending to be the narrator in an ongoing story in which I am pretending to be...

An Extra Step

Now that I carry a Fitbit in my pocket, I look for excuses to get in extra steps. Yesterday I was extra stepping in a nearby plaza. I walked past K...

One Morning at Deer Lake

I read his auto-biography, The Greatest. Towards the ending of his book, Ali invited anyone who had read the book that far to come and visit him at...

Before and After Deer Lake Part Two

Remember those primitive days of photography before digital, when Kodak was king? Kodak was clearly the driving engine of my hometown, Rochester New...

Before and After Deer Lake Part three

Slides. Remember slides? You'd throw your slides into a Kodak Carousel and voila...a slide show up against the wall. Needless to say I threw quite a...

Ali, Frazier, Chuvalo and Evelyn

Now that I'm older and aware of clay feet, I am much more selective about my idols. Here's a story of three of them in one room at one time. Once again, you've seen the trailers.....here's the movie.

Burnt Cork Beards

True, I was only a child as well as an only child when the pictures were taken. If anyone still has a copy.....please set it afire. Better yet, I...

Five Minutes and Fifty Years Ago on Women

what men wanted in women fifty years ago. I was a man back then. Men liked long, straight hair, exposed legs, stockings, mini-skirts and boots...

On the Way to Dresden

Because of the rat mask Feeding on his filthy face Orwell walked right past the panther Devouring raw mystery meat And never noticed, in the next...

Our Backyard

Matter is indestructible. If I went back to my old backyard and dug it up, I would find Daddio. Daddio is plastic so Daddio didn’t decompose. He’s...
Gold cherry

Mike Can Draw

Some stories are so lovely that I hesitate to write them. Some legends are so fragile and delicate that I'm reluctant to reveal them. Here's a lovely...

Exact Rock Bubbles.

Every time I make the effort to look at the past, positive experiences look the same only better. One hot July afternoon in my boyhood, my father and...

Silver Surgers

Last night Senator Amy Klobuchar coined a phrase during the Democratic debate. She used the phrase Silver Surgers to describe the political power of Baby boomers. I liked the coinage The phrase took me back to the days of Surfin' Safari, a tune by the Beach Boy's called Noble Surfer. That's how this thing started.