Erotic Short Stories

I write erotic stories because the reality of sex weaves into fiction so well. I always try to relate love in some way.

A torn page from her diary.

A crumpled diary page with a story of wild sex and cheating blows across the landfill to the boot of a dump truck driver. He reads and grins.

A Royal Orgasm

Forty year old Queen Miah had sent out an announcement to the entire Kingdom of Pavulvia for all unmarried men to appear before her on the coming Sunday.

Big Band Lovers

Doc Ranes was the first to show up at the Gennet Recording Studio rehearsal room.

Dangerous Foreplay

"Fuck you".....Joni screamed, as Neal stepped out of their front door.

Under the Bed

She could smell her flowery perfume and see her toed high heels. The white panties fell...she slowly stepped out of them.

Lillian's Business

He dropped his cigarette that he just lit...stepped on it and saw the red lighted letters,"BAR AND GRILL" reflecting on his shining new black shoes. He rubbed his chin for a few seconds and swung!

The Beauty and the Bitch

Rene Clarnes walked into his office with a weary and angry look on her face. She looked at Dr.

Jack and Venna

Fifty two year old, Jack Finnegan opened his eyes to see chrome wire spokes of a wheel. He felt a slight tapping on the top of his aching head.