A psychological fantasy/theological mystery/psychosexual comedy

Dolores Costello

Dolores Part 1
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Eulogy Mood

Bubbles of rank and direct-from-the-beard beer landed on Stinson’s face when Masterson noticed too the strange couple, and his accompanying outburst...

Freshwater Hedonism

‘How many languages do you speak, Grimur?’ ‘Three of them very well. Faroese, English, Danish. But I speak also a little fish -Swedish, fish -...

Katrine and Walter

Her phrasing reminded him of home, but there were inflections in the accent that indicated she was not Irish. And why would she be? She had perfected...
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Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor Irish Press June 19, 1952 Sir – I am writing to you with regards the review which appeared in your recent publication, written...
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Part 13


It was mostly a faultless translation. Katrine had taken great care to deliver her mother’s words in an eloquent arrangement of English; as a result...

The Herring Gutter

It was a clear day in Torshavn. A stark difference from the gloomy town they had come upon the day before. Sun. Cloudspecks. And people. Smiling...

Leaving The Light Of Day

Katrine: 1 vodka Masterson: 1 beer Stinson: 1 beer Masterson: 1 beer Katrine: 1 vodka Masterson: 1 whiskey Katrine: 1 vodka Stinson: 1 beer Masterson...

The Kill

‘I have committed no crimes worth a long trial so I’ve little to fear from your psychomonic flummery,’ said Masterson. ‘This brain here’s...

His Eternal Authority

Masterson stepped back to loosen his clothing and that’s when it became clear that Katrine was the other body involved; and she too was emancipating...

My Body Lies Over The Ocean

My body lies over the ocean My body lies over the sea My body lies over the ocean Oh, bring back my body to me. Masterson had a fine voice. He...

Monkey Flower Funk

I have not been a woman. Nor a girl. No. Scratch. I have. Yes. I am. What I should say is not a woman in the automatic sense. Instead remotely...

Autobiography of a Charismatic Leader

‘So do you have a title for your memoir yet?’ Walter asked Geissel. They were standing at port bow gazing up at the tin foil sky and the tin machines...


Katrine was strolling on the deck when she caught the distinct odour of gas. She asked Stinson about it and he told her Dolores Costello smelled like...

A Chromatic Fantasia

Bach Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue in D Minor Gyorgy Sandor, Piano WALTER: ‘I found myself with the Red Army in 1934 just as they were about to start...


Dolores Costello was drifting slowly in a mellow zone. A few hundred miles were behind them and conditions were smooth and restful. The wind and tide...


He was in a museum. So was Orla. She was across the room from him. She hadn’t seen him. She was looking at the other exhibits. Soon she would have to...

Bishop 1: And what about this one? Bishop 2: Oh, Stinson? Yes, we should ship him off too. Bishop 3: But I've heard promising things about this young...

Crazy With The Medicine

She sat on her mother’s coffin and looked up at the sky, a militant grey shroud now, armed tooth and nail with cloud and a drum full of cold rain...

Terrapins Drop

‘Visualise those little hairs on your fingers quivering as a covert wind runs over them. It’s the same wind in your mind making the terrapins drop...