Tierra de Sangre

Tierra The earth is hot and dry Cracked and secret Clandestine Taciturn Red earth for red deeds Sacrificio Obsidian knife into flesh Acolnahuacti...

The loyalty of men

Loyal man 1 He’ll be home soon, little one. He’ll be home soon. Don’t cry. Papa will be back. You know he loves you. Move away from the window, don’t...

Morrissey es Dios

The boy with the thorn in his side As always, the music hit him. Hard and deep in the pit of his stomach. It was always like this from the first time...


Each Christmas, my family write ghost stories to read out to each other (in honour of M.R. James!). This was my contribution this year. I've been reading about deviant burials, where bodies were buried in unusual ways to prevent the undead from coming back...

todos dormimos bajo la misma luna (or we all sleep under the same moon)

I'd originally put this up as a first part, but have finished it now, so have put up the whole story :)
Gold cherry
Story of the week

Away from the sunrise in a solemn dance - part 1

Some stories have a certain inevitability and looking back a few years down the line, I wonder if this is one of those stories. Picture the isolated...

Away from the sunrise in a solemn dance - part 2 * In life, you lose what you don’t hold on to. I know this sounds little better...