Grayling Junction

Welcome, one and all, to the sleepy town of Grayling Junction...a sunny town by the sea where the passing of time is largely irrelevant, where people still know the names of their neighbours...a town of magic, mystery and occasional mayhem...a town under threat from the quaking shadow of nearby Randall City and its attempts to force conformity on its residents...

Grayling Junction - Chapter Eleven

Sweet as the kisses of Esmeralda

Grayling Junction - Chapter One and a half

Glissando It is almost early enough to catch the sun sleeping.

Grayling Junction - Chapter 7 and a half

Snails Lalo Garcia Morrow steps into his reception room, the door he closes behind him bears a silver metal plaque with black lettering that reads Privado.

Grayling Junction - Chapter Seven and five sevenths

Now They Are My Company In thirty-one years the tears have never stopped.

Grayling Junction - Chapter Eleven and whatever

The Birthday Chapter "SURPRISE!" The word bursts like a firework as Freyja enters the unlit room.

Grayling Junction - Chapter Thirteen and a half

That Day Again Tam often remembers arriving in Grayling Junction:

Grayling Junction - Chapter Fifteen

Something Cutting through the water a small fishing boat carrying Ron and No-Shoes heads out beyond the summery stink of the estuary, toward the buttery waves of the sea.