Stories about lessons in life. Sometimes we learn the easy way but most of all, we learn the hard way. Wisdom is a wonderful teacher that has never been educated.

The American Mexican

I watched a crew of Mexicans brick a half million dollar house from across the street. I was painting inside a similar house. I sat and watched them work on my lunch hour.

A Jerk Period

He backhanded her in the mouth and she cried out,"Don't....don't hit me....I hate it when you hit me!" He leaned to the side...grabbed his aluminum crutch and bashed her on the knee.

Just another cloud

The wind is blowing a plastic bag around on the street as a shadow of a large bird swoops across the ground. An old man carries his two paper bags of groceries....blue coat...blue hat.

Waxing Missy

Missy pulled into a space of the Lena Mall parking lot. It was 8:07 AM by her diamond studded Rolex and her waxing appointment was at 8:00.

The "F" Word

Standing there in the kitchen...I was five years old...listening to my mom and dad. Mom......"He said the "F" word...right out loud he did!" Dad......."Are you sure?"
Gold cherry

Old Soul

He stared out the window at the top of white clouds. The stewardess brought his drink and had to nudge him for his attention.

Victorian White

Here....I sit on my ceramic throne and begin to rid my body of little brown politicians. I now stare at the Victorian white wall.

Five Ravens

They perched atop the old scruffy pine tree...the garbage truck comes once a week and cripples the barely healed limbs at the bottom. There were five...five ravens.