Life With Dorcas

Short Stories about living with the beautiful Dorcas Fox-Martin

Life With Dorcas (Part One) Uncle Ben’s Big Day

I had a job that I enjoyed I had a family that I loved and got along well with and I lived in my own modest cottage in the pleasant English village of Bushy Down. I had everything a man could want and I was content, that was, until a few weeks after my twenty ninth birthday when I met Dorcas Fox-Martin.

Life With Dorcas (Part Two) Not For The Faint Hearted

Having plucked up the courage, at my Godsons Christening, to ask Dorcas Fox-Martin out on a date and bolstered by her positive response I very foolishly neglected to cement the arrangement there and then and furthermore left the Christening party without securing either a firm date for the erm….. date or any contact details for her

Life With Dorcas (Part Three) Stiff Upper Lip

It was a bright Sunday morning in June, just one week after we had first met, when Dorcas picked me up in her Mini outside the Railway Station in Bushy Down.

Life With Dorcas (Part Four) Punting On The Cam

Since our unusual first date back in June on the Tree Top Trail, Dorcas and I had spent a lot of time together on the full range of more conventional dates, country walks, museums, galleries, pubs, restaurant’s, cinemas and bowling alleys.

Life With Dorcas (Part Five) Indecent Proposal

After the family Overton had done battle on the Cam we squelched our way back along the river bank to Chez Cush in high spirits. As we got closer to the house we could hear a happy chatter and the sound of glasses chinking.

Life With Dorcas (Part Six) The Case Of The Disappearing Lingerie

In the weeks following the family gathering in Cambridge, to mark Uncle Herbert’s 60th Birthday, my mother was still in shock. The news of my proposal and subsequent engagement to Dorcas had taken her completely by surprise.

Life With Dorcas (Part Seven) The Electronic Dice

Since I first met Dorcas, on that day when she almost ran me over, my life had been so different to the safe and comfortable existence I had known before. I felt energized and fresh, which was just as well.

Life With Dorcas (Part Eight) Just Like Mama Used To Make

We spent most of the day after the games night at Gary’s slobbing around the house in our night clothes and watching old films on TV. After all the recent exertion’s associated with renting out Dorcas’s house prior to her moving in with me, so it was really nice to have such a lazy day.

Life With Dorcas (Part Nine) Mouse About The House

In just a few short months my cozy little life had been turned upside down. From the moment Dorcas breezed into my life on a bright June day when she almost sent me into the afterlife from behind the wheel of her car.

Life With Dorcas (Part Ten) Christmas Getaway (Part One)

We had been living together for just over a month and I found it difficult to remember the time I lived alone. The only blot on the landscape was “The Wedding” and I don’t mean by that that I didn’t want to get married to her, I did, very much so, it was just the subject of “The Wedding” that was getting us down.

Life With Dorcas (Part Eleven) Christmas Getaway (Part Two)

Having made the decision to usurp our parents and have a quiet wedding of our own, on our own terms. First thing the next morning we went to the British embassy to get the relevant forms required to marry in Germany, which was surprisingly easy.