"Moonlight Kissed"

Marc Villardi, master of bronze and marble sculptures to drool over, definitely has a way with the cold pliant materials. Under his hand life becomes immortalized in stone and metal. He can pull emotions from all who enter his sensual realm and use them to produce the most magnificent pieces of passion and love. The Artist Villardi is passions maestro but the man is love’s nemesis and his heart is closed to all who seek it.

Margaret Fontaine a fledgling writer for 'Urban Trend' a savvy, metropolitan style magazine, highlighting the quirks and idiosyncrasies of city life and its inhabitants, is given a chance to aspire to impactful stories with the impossible assignment to convince one reluctant artist,Marc Villardi, to grant her an exclusive interview. Villardi's art has become a must have for anyone with enough wealth to afford it but mostley because of its unavailable status. An interview with him would be fascinating and could transport her career to the next level, if only she could convince him to speak with her on the record but Villardi never grants interviews. Margaret remains determined and confident up to the moment the opportunity is in front of her. Once she is face to face, with the sublimly chisled, attractive face of Marc Villardi, she’s not prepared for it. The real man behind the sensual sculptures is just as sensual. When he offers a trade, an interview in exchange for month in Europe getting to know the man. A small spark is ignited. She isn’t about to become his next sculpture but perhaps she can ignore the attraction, get her interview and hold off the spark quickly turning into a conflagration. There is the sobering possibility it could destroy them both. But in her true dreams, she knows it could also take them to the farthest reaches of love, exposing emotions deeply tamped down, and fuse them forever as one, like the entwined lovers of his marble masterpiece, Moonlight Kissed. 

"Moonlight Kissed" Chapter 3

CHAPTER 3 “Nice job on the Villardi exhibit Margaret. The pictures were spectacular. I’m not sure how you got the promoter to release you the...

Moonlight Kissed chapter 2

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