Personal Favourites


cradled over cold rails into the 21st century

Hello, I’m Stef-Stef Whacket, and I come from your planet, just another sperm walking this flooded toilet, frankensteined from genetic alphabet and...

dancing in a cage wheeled through a forest of eyes

Outdoors the air is hostile and nervy, it bothers glam willows and the swan navy, and me, a slug hunched in a shell jacket, haunting the canal and...


way back at the beginning of time all reality except us was a cold corporate hallway and her body was my daily bread we made the trees shout before...

Our Lady of the Streets

The city’s rectangular eyes towered over me. Banks and offices whispered to each other forecasts of my movements. They knew I was lost and trying to...

Skyworms, or the Man Who Disproved Sleep

It’d been a long day, I mean literally a day that had lasted months. I had disproven sleep in an internationally published and peer-reviewed paper...

The Answer (I)

A true story about a night out with an addict.

The Chief Managing Director Has a Few Requests

I I want a dirtier sunset with tar and molten waste Got it? Give me sewer pipes that spew and rusty black scaffolding dewed with distillate of...

The Freshness of the First and Foremost of the Finest of the Lines

All philosophies condense to a line, with time, and all songs dwindle to a single sooty melody and even if you sawed the locks off your senses even...

The Insemination

With her right claw Genu46 grips the child and tugs her beak from its ribs. She dribbles softener on its forehead, then cuts from combed hair to snub...

The Liar

Honest autobiographical piece about trying to live as an artist in 2018.

The Rainy Library

Yeah, I’ve been to the rainy library. They don’t put plastic on any of the goods. So many waterlogged stacks of books… I remember standing in the...


okay let’s see you’re in debt your significant other left you for a profile pic you feel most alive when you’re on drugs I know you you failed the...

It Had Been a Long Exorcism

How we survived a psychotic episode


here again, at the end and the beginning, at the instant before the big wake, all tender and waiting to be shaped, as the embryo of the universe...
Gold cherry

The Man Who Was Allergic to Himself (Pt. 1)

Two tiny black pyramids. Like black sugar, but with a faintly glowing core. Supposedly I’ll be able to taste the light. But I’m thinking too much...

The Man Who Was Allergic to Himself (Pt. II)

Part One is here - I climb the museum’s stairs, turning to gaze out. Further down the river, elephantine trees trumpet and stampede. A rusty Ferris...


I may be too late. I shift in the cramped seat and my neck creaks. I’m cornered in the clear forehead of a bus clattering down the Autobahn. It’s...

What Does She See?

When we enter, Oma’s gazing at the wall. She does not smile. Her eyes are red hollows. Opa announces that I crossed Germany to see her. I say a few...