Dry Golden

This is the oldest of my poems still in existence. I am not sure of the date, perhaps 2008. Before that I had a terrible habit of thowing away all my work.

here is 2021

Here we go for a wild ride 2021

i’ve not written a poem since

A miserable year for my writing

The Train Rattled

This is the second oldest poem I still have. The rest went to the big dustbin. The event happened in 1995, but I don't know the year I wrote the poem.

Though the kingfishers looked

I wrote this a long time ago, not sure, perhaps 2008/9/10. It was published once too.

Pound for the guy

This was written in an english lit lesson at uni 2016

let there be cake

This was written in 2019. I happen to live in an old church surrounded by a graveyard. Didn't take much imagination!

Tattoo a wheelchair on my forehead

Though I don't sit in a wheelchair Do the short circuits in my mind Justify the way you treat me As some flawed human being If I were to tattoo a...