Poems by The Dead

This is a part of a poem book collection that has 91 poems. Each one of thise poems is supposed to illustrate a story apart of the novel. I will share the whole collection of poems comprise the novel with a publisher or editter.


Is it as Air
Then the water we drink
To the life we seek

Love is as life
Life is as love





Love is no different than
Shit an’ flies

Ya, I’m a fly
Oh, we all are
Simply flys’ buzzin
From one shithole
To the next

We fly to the shit
We come to love
Avoid all 
That we don’t
Love or Lust of a fly,
Can you tell me the more Just!?


Love & Death of the Superficial
I can make myself believe nearly anything. They say that perception is reality. I’ll admit that isn’t too far from the truth than we know.
You see, I have written my life within reality. In fact we all have. Our reality is fabricated upon every word we speak. Whether that reality is true nor false is for us ourselves to be the judge and jury.
What I have gotten from life is everyone including ourselves is superficial. I’m superficial that’s the reality at hand. Although however true anyone may believe this to be. Let me exonerate ourselves.
There were three dogs and one human. Within this reality the human is the master to the dogs while the dogs see the human as the apple of thine eyes.
Essentially the dynamics of this relationship is to please this rule remains universal for any relationship as well. Despite all else this vital component for relationships, Is to simply please those whom you are in relationship with.
So, continuing onto the story of the three dogs and their Master. The nature of the dogs names were by nurture jealousy, trust and hope.
Everywhere the master traveled the dogs would follow. They followed due to the trust that their Master would feed them when needed to be fed.
This trust is inherently based upon a fear. A fear that if they won’t follow, heed every beck an call they won’t be feed. It’s no different than a new born left to being unfed by their Mother? If your Mother were never to fed you. I dare say you wouldn’t be able read the life within this story at all. Anyone’s mind will be gone at any moments call when they are left unfed. Keep in mind this goes for the Master when we don’t feed ourselves.
With all that being said, one day the master hit himself upon life’s most ominous troubles. It was as simple as a hit an’ run.
There was a four way intersection. Composed of two stops that were due east and west. Completing the intersection was uncontrolled traffic North and South. You wouldn’t have seen it nor would have I. Ha, lets just say it wasn’t the best night for both parties involved.
The Master peered over to the left and peeked just as quick to the right. Hell could you believe there were no cars in sight?! Then the Master meagerly hit the gas pedal til’ his foot dropped to the floor… BOOOM!
Told’gyaa you wouldn’t have seen it if I even If I saw it myself.
The Master’s car buckled as the metal crumpled from the oncoming collision. Damage was dealt totaled both car’s without a second moment. God help everyone involved in that wrack upon that fatefully day.
A crowd surrounded the cars due to the sound of the clash to survey the wreckage as the Master got out. Luckily, if you could even believe it the Master was slightly concussed yet entirely unscathed. The Master ran to check and help the passengers within the colliding vehicle. Only to get more cursed and cussed than concussed. Thankfully their health was fine for the better rather than the worst. But they were forever disgruntled at the Master for the dismay caused by the crash. With that came a nearly unforgivable backlash through car insurance. From that day forward the Master’s troubles were only just to begin.
As the story goes the Master became bankrupt by sorrow and monetary furrow. So, it goes that the Dogs were an inconsequential innocent bystander at the hand of the Master’s affliction. Hope the Master’s favorite dog by far was accepting and faithful by nature. That was the first dog to meet the Master with glee and jolly as the door closed. Without a doubt after the calamity she was met by his anger and anguish from the day. An important point to mark is that the dog had not been fed up until that point. Unfortunately, he sidestep kicked the innocent pooch. With no food nor care hope was left fall…
Hope, by far the Master’s favorite, was always accepting and faithful by nature. Hope was usually the first to meet the Master with glee and joy, however, after the calamity, she was met by his anger and wrath. The master would sidestep and kick the innocent pooch and deny the dog food. Dejected, hope quickly fell into despair.
Jealousy didn’t pay attention to the situation because it saw nothing to gain from it. The story continues as the Master is laid in bed, Jealousy seized the moment and snuggled dearly to find a pat upon the head. This simple action extinguished Hope even further than any other action had before.
Hope laid in the corner, Jealousy was held tight by the Master’s gasp. Trust had already been left and forgotten…
This is the story and I’ll tell it not to be forgotten nor smitten from the records by anguish and regret.
A day not too soon nor far away from that wreck. The Master could not afford to feed the dogs’ no more. As the story goes the Dogs’ ate the Master alive not too soon after that which lead to a painfully poetic an’ heartfelt death.


The Life
Since when had it ever came to
My life is your life
An’ your life is our life

Never wish it upon my worsest enemy
Yet I simply,
Feel soo dead an’ drowned
Without the life I never had
An’ have yet to have

Just an’ simple as
You and I
Never will come to deny



Cherry of Love

Aint nuthin’ like that first time
Especially when ya,
Never known it
In fact I was taught,
Never to show it

The Great an’ Wise man 
Once came to say,
Heres’ the hand son,
Just take it!
Less It’ll all,
Fold Untaken

Exactly as it was
I played It!
Again And Again
From dusk til’ dawn

I heeded the advice
Til’ the hand became 
Far beyond begotten past gone
From Rags to Riches
Is all they say!

I dreamed it all
I’m a gambler at heart
Hit the jackpot
Fucked the Dealer’s Call
Havin’ a Dam Ball!

The dilemma within the hand is,
I sacrificed myself
From the beauty within life itself

Harry Situation

What’s the deal
With our brain
Dont’cha know
Love makes us all insane?

Traps you within a horcrux
Can’t laminate any bird to sang
Heres’ the pitch slow an’ straight

Loves a train
Within a perfect situation
Harry can’t evben say ther name


 Love Child
You saw through
The inperfectionous
Within a perfect child

You accepted the child
As it was
Moreover as it may never be
You understood thee
Beyond any magnitude 
Of love an’ belief

The child gives a standing ovation
For those who accept them
Beyond any resignation



Lovers’ spell

Love heaven an’ he’ll
Well ain’t that
Life’s spell?

It’s an epidemic!
Causes the heart
To swell
Makes the mind
As an impermeable glue 

Bewitched by the spell
Lost in love heaven an’ hell 
Life’s the most audaciously 
Blissful high tale

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