Memories Of You

After a marriage falls apart the constant question is how deep is the hurt .

The Sun In My Heart

Poems about the anguish of seperation

Daddy Walrus

As long as we have Love everything will turn out ok

Face To Face

Face to face with someone you love

Private Property

We all have things that are private property

Using Your Head (An Epigram)

A useful way of writing in a concise manner .

Don't Let Your Love Go

Accepting love is an understanding , sometimes there is no reason why , we just are , in love .

Mother of Intercession

Poem petition to the Virgin Mary to intercede for those in despair

Mountain Meadows ( A Sijo )

The sijo is like the tanka, renga and haiku .

Swallowing A Sea Of Sadness

Being cut off from someone you love is like being on a sinking ship on a cruel sea with no lifeboat or land in sight

Sweet Caroline

The warmth of love is a gift from above

The Grass Is Always Greener In Eire

A light hear-ted lyrical taste to Ireland

To Love You

Love is an idea that makes everything perfect

Walking On Steel

Life can be tuff and its rough on the road as a biker

40 Days In The Desert

A walk in the wilderness without water, without companionship, without shelter, without help , and without understanding why he was there .

A Christmas Question

How would you feel if it all ended and was no more

A Half A Cup of Tea

Song / Poem about one of lifes little comforts

A Head Full Of Dreams

When I was young I had a head filled with dreams .. nothings changed .

A Romantic Air ( A Crosstalk )

Language is how we communicate , as is poetry , so I thought why not try and marry both .

A Sovereign Love

Poem / Song about the greatest love you could ever hope for

A Still Moment (An Idyll )

When words of poetry portray an image or an event the eyes of the world are opened .

A Teddy Bear Affair

Its easy to get attatched to a Teddy

A Tortured Life

Brief personal history of my life .

A Very Dizzy Day

Poem about being dizzy

A White Room

An escape hatch is a room with free space

Against The Odds

Sometimes miracles happen

All Or Nothing At All

Song about someone who gives everything in a relationship but its all a one way street that eventually breaks up

Always In Waiting

Life is a journey . The best is yet to come .

Always In Waiting ( A Sonnet )

A favoured structure bards of old like to use was the sonnet as it moved away from the normal rhyme by line pattern .

An Internet Disguise

Humerous poem in a narrative style , of two people who meet in a strange circumstance .

An Italian Restaurant In Belfast

On a holiday in Belfast I found a quiet place to eat .

An Unfortunate Accident

An acrostic poem on Marriage and divorce

An Unfortunate Accident

Divorce can be like a car crash where no one admits being in the wrong or sees the damage that was done

Angels On The Warpath

Song / Poem about doomsday

Animal Life

We often use animals to express a particular trait we humans have .

Another Twelve Days Of Christmas

Hard times are like a good wine , some enjoy them so much that they bought them all up for theselves

At The Door (A Mirror Loop Structure)

This is an insight into poetry , so lets not say goodbye , instead lets say Hello .

Baby Blue

The colour of love turns blue when Love walks away

Backdrops Of Blue Gums ( A Rubai )

The Rubai (plural rubaiyat) is a quatrain rhyming sequence a-a-b-a- Edward Fitzgerald the great translator of Omar Khayyam wrote it in iambic pentameter .

Because Of You

Love can bring change into everyones life

Beggar At The Door Of Love

Love coming to the rescue

Belfast Is Released

Finally after all these years , It feels Belfast’s finally been released .

Between The Battlefields (Christmas 1915)

Sometimes there is a place where enemies can see beyond their hatred for one another . No Mans land is a place just like this and between the battle fields they gathered ..

Birthday Celebrations ( A Rondeau )

Another structure built on a repetative pattern .

Blessed Be

Poem in praise of God and creation

Blessed Be ( An Anaphora )

This is an introduction to one of the worlds oldest poetic techniques,the Anaphora structure .

Blowing The Sky Away

In our hands we have the potential to destroy the world we live in or the capacity to save it

Bluest Blue

Song / Poem about getting kicked around and turned upside down until you're black and blue

Boot Camp

Training for battle can be almost a very real experience

Breakfast With Big Aggie

Song about a strange breakfast with humour as a added flavour

Butler Street Boys School

As a young boy going to school memories of soccer in the school yard seem to be the biggest thing I really enjoyed .

Butterflies On Fire

Butterflies draw a spiritual parallel between their mystical metamorphis and our transition into the next life .

Can You Sing Me A Love Song

Love moves the blues

Can’t Tell You

Whwen you're deeply in love withsome words can't express how it feels

Caring Along The Way

Life is a journey and the best is yet to come .

Cautious Heart

Trusting feelings of love require caution as loyality and trust develop .

Chasing Little Duckies

The Innocence of a child chasing Duck

Chasing Little Duckies

There's more than one way to catch a duck

Childrens Poems

100 original childrens poems

Christmas In Cork

It was Christmas night in Cork and snow turned into sleet . A crowd all walked together along Great Patrick Street . Full of the Christmas spirit as friendly as could be ,

Christmas In The Army

Its always sad to be away from loved ones at Christmas .

Christmas Is

Christmas can be so many things

Christmas Stockings

If you’re one of those who believe then hang them up on Christmas eve . Around the house when it is still . Empty stockings left out to fill .

Cloud 9

Love Song

Coming Out Of The Cave(A Line-Down)

Poetry must be elavated to its rightful place in English expression . It must be protected from hi-jacks and vandals .

Convalescing Conversations

Isn't it funny how communication can get so distorted, when what we say ends up to be something completly different .

Countries and Cultures

50 Original poems on various countries and cultures

Courage In The Camp

When we see the dark night of the soul, courage has arrived .

Crossroads of Love

Poem /Song about making the right choice

Crucified Pain

In a brief moment a cruel moment destroyed one so beautiful . I cannot imagice the amount of suffering he went through .

Cry Baby

There are people who are never staisfied and always complain

Dakar With A Difference

The Southern American adventure is about to begin . Dakar 2009 .

Dancer In The Light

Poem in memory of a lady who danced through life

Dancing At Dawn

What a wonderful thing love is it lifts us off the ground , it gives us the want to dance and sing , it allows us the time to look at each new day in a different way .

Dancing Dolphins ( Alliteration )

The use of letters that make sounds are an essential part of being understood. Alliteration is a poetry structure that uses that idea .

Days Of Enchantment

When we were young we had such an enchanted life . I still remember those days .

Days Without Nights

Poem / Song about a relationship ending

Days Without Nights

Song about separation

Dear God

The knowledge of where love comes from is what gives me the right to ask for that and makes me hope that it can be found .

Dear Mary Dear Mother of Grace

Song - Poem dedicated to Mary Mother of Grace

Death (A Triad)

I would like to introduce you to the Triad poetry structure on the topic of death .

Don’t Go

When two people in love are faced with a seperation be it for a day an hour or a week , there is an emptiness that cannot be expresssed except by saying two words - Don't go .

Filipino Walk

Poem about wanting to love someone

Hiding In Corners

Poem about autism

I Love You Too Much

How cruel it is to love someone that who you can't be with


Two people who become one in love uniting in culture , uniting in all they are , and in what they can become

It Happens

Love is a journey

Lady Dynamite

A womans love burns with a passion .

Like A Child

When you fall in love at first there is a childlike innocence that exisrs in trusting and getting to know the other person .

Like A Leper

Poem about those who feel unwanted in high society

Mother Of Support

Poem petition to our lady for encouragment

Mother Of The Dying

When death comes who can say no , I am not ready to go .

Mother Of The Worker

Prayer in poetic intercsession to the Virgin Mary for people who have to work very hard .

Slow Me Down

Sometimes we need to slow down and escape from the daily grind of a busy working life . We need to look and listen and escape from the hustle and bustle of life .


To trust with all your heart is to hold an unseen strand of life

Two Minutes With You

It only takes two minutes to look into someones eyes and say I love you

We Kissed

When the talking is done and you're in love with someone all that you can do is kiss

Stolen Kiss

When you"re in love with someone who maybe doesn't know you can show and tell and risk it all or act normaly and pretend it will go away

Evidence Of Love

There is evidence of love everywhere

Faith Alone

Poem / Petition for understanding and help in despair

Filipino Talk

Finding Friendly Filipinos

Goodie Two Shoes

We used to sing on corners and watch girls go by

I want to Be Where She Is

Its all about being with the one you love

It’s a Boston Feeling

Poem song tribute to Boston

It’s an uphill battle

Relatioinships can won and lost in the battlefields oif life but all is fair in love and war

Light Of Love

love shines bright and shows us the way to go

Living On Rock And Roll Street

Rock and Roll , its a hard road

Mother Of Good Company

Poem / Prayer to Our Lady for her companionship through life

Mother Of Knowledge

Poem tribure to The Virgin Mary

Mother Of Moments

Poem tribute to ourlady

My Scorpio woman

Love is a deadly thing

Never Change

Poem about getting married

Never Ending Love

Relationships can be full of pain however to remain together in love requires dedication and respect .

One In Million

Some false friends are like shadows - they disappear when the sun shines no more , but a true friend is one in a million

She Accepted Me

She’s so much a Filipino girl - Happy and Caring

Silly You

Its Silly To Hurt Someione who loves you

Six Thousand Miles Away

poem/song about people in love who are living miles away and how love can build a bridge

Sugar On The Top

Life is full of melting moments - we have to enjoy them as often as possible .

The Dancer

Song /Poem about a dance that never ends

Torn In Two

Inner strength isstanding alone

Transcending In Love

People in love stay together

Times Rhymes And Valentines

If love was a flower , I would place it on your heart . Then I would watch it grow .

Life At Holy Cross

Its easy to take for granted things in life like growing up in a community where everything revolved around the church . Lets not forget those times .

Don’t Feel Down This Christmas

A message for some of us who find Christmas time Difficult

Insight Into Poetry Form

Poetry is an expression of high artform . Tools and a clinical process are used to obtain a well structured definition of the English language . Here is some insight into this .

More On Poetry Form

The guidelines I am presenting here are useful tools that will give your poetry depth and inspiration.

Some More On Poetry Form

Insight on writing poetry structures


A poets life for three years living as a hermit .

The Poet Gets A Job

The story of a poet who must mix his writing with his career .

The Poet Among Drunks and Derelicts

Story of a poet who finds a home without mercy or hope .

Lost Sons Of Erin

See the cold cruel sea how she's taken from me , my sons from the shore and no more do I see, the wind through their hair or rain beat their face , it's too long they've been gone,

The Manipulation In Cyberspace

Invaders of cyberspace have taken control . Greedy guts taking big bites .

Face The Facts - Its abuse

Abuse why does it happen and what can be done ? Face the facts it's a reality of life that we need to address.

Walking With Poetry

Can you see your poetry begin to flow as you feel the emotion stir within you . Make your poetry walk and talk . Here are some helpful prompts .

Unlock The Real Poet Within You

Unlocking the deeper thoughts is a springboard to the subconsious . Here are some ideas that can assist you to do that .

Poetry Form - Mirror Loop

Many times poetry is considered an expression of English . However the vocabulary is deep and wide . I think the Mirror Loop structure is a good example of how to extend and build on this .

Poetry And The Love Factor

Some of my thoughts about writing about love poetry .

Shes Got Problems

There are often complex issues with abusive behaaviour .

New Poetry Form

Here I would like to share some of my new poetry structure .

Fifty United States

It all depends on what state you're in .

Wall Mural In An Alleyway

Pictures on a wall , but no one hears the echoes of an artist's call .

For This Is The Faith We Hold

Beyond the horizon a future generation awaits . Change is this moment of time we grasp .

What Is Love

All love asks is that we get along with one another .

Innocent Mercy Of God

Faith is having the ability to look with the eyes of innocence through all dogma and see the truth .

The Flight (A Villanelle )

A Villanelle structure that has an explanation of how it works . The poem describes the message of love send on the wings of a Pigeon in flight .

Doubt No More (A Reverb Structure)

The strength of poetry is having both the knowledge of structure and the ability to adapt these structures to create new forms .

Look At The Limerick Structure

The guidelines and structures I am presenting here are useful tools that will give your poetry depth and inspiration.

God is Only Love (Fourword Structure)

I would like to introduce you to the Fourword Poetry Structure .

Ode To Man ( A Renga )

Similar to the Haiku ther Renga is an old poetry form .

The Masters Fool (A Diamante)

Another form or poetry structure here that will give your words and imagry extra depth .

Love Will Find A Way (A Pre-Phrase)

Poetry is a high art form . Some of its qualities are structure and the ability to adapt these structures to create new forms .

Speak Uneasy (A Vowel-In)

Poetry structure can help create new inspiration as well as providing an exercise to stretch and strengthen the ways in which we choose our words .

Spaced Out - (Alphabet In Sequence )

Think about words and expression . It really is an endless space to explore .

Float On ( A Sappic )

Some poetry structures have been established for a long time . Others more recent . They are the guidelines that will give your poetry more quality and depth .

Graffiti Backdrops ( A Tyburn )

Thi use of poetry structure can kick starts the thinking process . It is the key to better poetry .

Let Your Love Be ( A Terza Rima )

Insight on a very old Poetry Form called Terza Rima .

The Good Thief ( A Monologue )

The legacy writers leave is historically a landmark of an event and the duty of a poet is to ensure a legacy is left .

Ode For Ben Bulben ( An Ode )

Bards of old and modern day poets have sculpted out images using the tool of their trade . Structure and imagry are two of these .

Its Christmas Inside ( A Quatrain )

Poetry has to be a continuous voice and we must respect the disciplined expression we use .

Letters In Love ( A Letterspeak )

Aadapting certain methods in poetry structure and form can create new inspiration as well as providing an exercise to stretch and strengthen the ways in which we choose our words .

The Soul Cut ( A Stepladder )

I firmly believe that poetry structures are useful tools that will give you more depth and understanding to what you write .

I Can't Have What I had ( An In-Tense )

I would like to share an idea about poetry with a sense of place and time ,

Time Never Ends ( A Semetric )

Poetry has a voice unique and one respected over the centuries . It is a disciplined expression of the written word that talks in a specific form .

My Place ( A Sense Wise )

Our understanding of life is communicated through our senses . This structure highlights that fact .

God Forgives ( A Doubled Up Acrostic )

A challenge to the acrostic poetry style that will improve the depth of poetry and written word .

Love Of My Life ( A Kyrielle )

One of the most powerful topics we can write about is love .

The Guardian Angel Song ( A Pantoum )

Poetry is a disciplined expression of the written word and the use of structures provide the tools of trade of poetry writing.

The Wheel Of Life ( A Tanka )

The strength of poetry is having both the knowledge of structure and the ability to adapt these structures to create new forms .

The Leaving ( A Ballad )

Poetry structures have a set of rhyming patterns, metre, grammar and imagery.

The Sunken Kingdom (An Octave )

Songwriters and poets have used structures that stitch together words into a quilt that covers many themes . This is one of those .

Its All So Crystal Clear ( A Tercet )

A tercet is three lines of poetry forming a stanza or complete poem.Here is an example .

The Field ( A Joke Verse )

If humour is the medicine of life poetry must be the vessel in which it can flow .

Rhythmic Rain (An Onomatopoeia )

Sounds bring us an understanding of the world around us , poetry is its echo .

Freedom (An Acrostic )

Sometimes even the simplest of structures can bring a challenge to the clever and wise .

Slamming It (A Jabber )

Sometimes we have this style of communication , call it jive or whatever , this poetry structure is called The Jabber and is trying to capture the lingo of the current time .

To Be A Cat

If I were a cat how peaceful life would be

Nine Eleven Where Are You

Ours is not to reason why , all we need to do is try .

Jolly Ho Ho Ho

Jolly Ho Ho Ho and away we go through the blinding snow . See the sky all aglow above the mountain tops , Ho Ho . Over chimney pots with sacks of toys for little girls and boys .

She Is Everything To Me

Everyone needs to have the hope that we can be loved . I have found that hope and she is everything to me .


Friendship is the link that binds everythiong that is good between people . It is a gift and we are honoured to have it in our lives .

Hope For Love

To have hope that we can be loved is what gives us the ability to renew ourselves after an abusive relationship .

Loves Golden Cage

Embracing Love is a gift , its a time to cherish .

Share The Word

In the place where you are And its not all that far , To sit down by yourself with a book from the shelf . What a wonderful way To begin every day , with a chapter or two

Life In The Winter

Winter is a time to share and appreciate simple things in our lives . See the warmth of our breath in the crisp morning air .

Life At Sunrise

Good morning I love you Lord. thank you for a new day I can see and I can hear , I’m alive . Dear Lord on this day everything is as you have planned and the miracle is ,

New Years Eve By The Lovely Lee

It was New Years Eve in a distant place and time when all the world seemed young and free . I was standing alone by the bridge near Parnell Quay looking far out to sea .

Deep Emotions

The journey from sorrow and loss to love and kindness is a painful one but not impossible .

Tormented By Love

Loving someone who doesn't care is torture for the heart.

Wishes In Helium Balloons

Friends are like balloons ,if you let go of them they may never return .

Summer In Australia

The diversity of summer in a massive continent is both beautiful and challenging

Down By The Bay

Lonliness is like being locked a cage , and there is no key to get out .

The Best Things In Life Are Free

From hurt and abuse The journey to self worth is long and hard but well worth the effort

Words To That Effect

Working to keep a relationship together demands respect for each other

Teething Time

The wanting of a baby to get teeth

Killing Giants

Prayerful poetry plea to Mother Mary for protection

Escape From Chaos

When you're surrounded by devastation there is one guarantee - The saving hand of the good Lord .

The Beautiful Jail

Sometimes people look at other peoples relationships from the outside ; not seeing what is really happening on the inside .

Mother Of Grace

Tribute poem - Petition to Mother Mary

Mother Of God

Poem - Prayer - Petition Reflection on Religious Difference

Lost Messages

Poem about Multiple Sclerosis

The Final Blow

Poem about marriage breakup

Stretching The Relationship

A Diamante Structure is a 7 line poem where the theme or topic of the poem ends opposite to the opening topic. This topic is on marriage

Mother Of Light

Prayerful Poem petition to Mary to help with the feeling of rejection and isolation .

Mother Of Hope

Poetic petition to Mary for her intercession with helping people return to their faith

Mother Mary

Poetic petiton to Mary for the protection of the unborn child

Help This Child Lord

A fathers poem and prayer for an angry child

Jesus Loves You

Jesus loves you when everyone else abandons you

Mother Of Joy

Poem petition to Mary for the upholding of the basic rights to life and for justice and equality that all should be entitled to .

Mother Of Sorrows

Poem petition tand plea to Mary for those who hurt for the restoration of confidence and the ability to love and be loved again .

Mother Of The Streets

Poem Petition to Mary to help the homeless

Mother of Miracles

Poem and prayer for Mary to continue to bring miracles and signs to the world

Don’t Blame Jane Or Liam

Poem about when someone tries to do something good it all ends up going so wrong

Man With A Backpack

Poem that asks the reader a question about the reason behind the death of a man , then the answer is revealed why in the poem

Mother Of Might

Tribute poem in honour of the Virgin Mary

Mother Of Acceptance

Poem/Prayer to Our Lady

Reflections Of Life And Sheila

Poem about emigrating and leaving a girl behind then many years later meeting her again and saying what happened in between .

Mother Of Exiles

Prayer poem for exiles everywhere

Mother Of Love

Prayer Poem for those who have been hurt by those they love

Mother Of Consolation

Pray poem to the Virgin Mary to bring consolation

Mother Of Goodness

Poem prayer to the Blessed Virgin for protection and praise

Mother Of Peace

Poem prayer petition in order to find peace

Mother Of Angels

Poem tribute to Mary Queen Of Heaven and Earth

Mother of The Church

Poem tribute to Mother Mary and her place in our faith

Wisdom Walk

Walking with wisdom in the world is somewhere between illusion and mystery


Contemplative insights from the mirror of my life

Time To Change

Divorce forces you into a time of change . For better or worse .

Rock Pools

Escaping from the chaos for a while and looking at rock pools by the sea .

Mother Of Revelations

Petition poem to Mary queen of heaven

Mother Of Prophets

Prayer like poem to Mary

Some Things About Love

Love is more than an emotion

Moving on

After the end of a relationship it's a good time to move on .

Love has grounded me

When you are free , love grounds itself in you .

Universal Love

Love makes us one in heart and mind . Universally and eternally one .

The Poet Tree

Song / Poem about a once upon a time when songbirds found words to sing

You Died For Me

Poem / Song about the love of Jesus

Mother Of Christians

Poem / prayer for Catholic Christians for protection and guidance .

Mother Of Sweetness

Poem / Prayer to Mother Mary for assistance in the distasteful and bitter events life often brings

Tommy's Trust

Poem/ song about winning an animals trust

It Always Seems To Me

Song about love

Gentle Love

Poem / song about unwilling children soldiers killing because they're told to or they've been sold down the river

On The Lonely Streets Of Bundanoon

Song / Poem about living with a memory in a lonely town

My Friend Flag

Song about a horse called Flag with a friendly nature .

Mother Of Sweetness

Its a sweet thing to know the protection of Mary Mother Of God

Mother Of The Word

Poem tribute to Mary Mother Of God

The Vagabond

Song about a man who is out there all alone and often treated like a leper by society

Lawn Mowing Man

Original Song about the constant ritual of man cutting grass and keeping weeds down

Silver And Gold

Our value system and principles are so important . How much gold does it take to buy an ounce of love ?

Lost In Time

Song about being a part of life in the time we're in

Mother of Men

Poem / Prayer for the protection of innocent men

Horse Talk

The unspoken bond between horse and man

Mother Of Divine Providence

Providence is the wealth of the poor

Hold On

Love is stronger than pain


The breaking of vows .. the end of a marriage ... plaese explain why

Once Upon Aquarius

Song / Poem of hope in the world we live

Keys And Changes

Song /Poem about making choices

Inside A Shell

Poem about stage fright

My Michelle

Song /Poem about a woman with the heart of a child


Song / Poem about my experience with NFA in London

Gentle Love

Song / Poem about children soldiers

Lost In A Fog

Poem /Song about someone getting getting lost in a strange place

Mother Of The Heart

Poem tribute to Mother Mary Queen of my heart

Mother Of The Abandoned

In life we must abandon our fears to find strength to carry on .

Mother Of Victories

Prayer Poem to Our Lady for help with deceitful people

Wells Fargo Blues

Poem /Song about leaving sadness behind and moving on to a new situation in life

The Child With The Wind In His Hair

Poem /Song about childhood and the enchantment of discovering life

Gypsy Child

Song / Poem looking at a Gypsy lifestyle

When The Night Comes

Song/ Poem about the need for love

I Couldn’t Shake You

Real love is too hard to let go

New Music

We know where its at but where is music heading

Turn Back Time

Looking back at a love that was lost

Mother Of The Lost

Poetic Prayerful petition to Our Lady to assist those who are lost

Mother Of Reflection

Poem / prayer to Mother Mary for intercession to find peace and silence in a busy lifestyle

Mother Of The Saviour

Poem/ prayer in tribute to the virgin Mary mother of Jesus

Holding On To Moments

Love is like holding on to an everlasting moment

More Mirror Loop Poetry

Mirror Loop is a structure of poetry that is written so that the poem can be read from the beginning to end and then back again from it’s end to the beginning.

Somethings Never Change

With life one thing remains the same - Love is all

The House Where God Lives

God has said he would a make a home in us

The Wee Willie Winky Blues

Its dangerous out there on the street at night


Thoughts are seeds . Sew them well .

Olympic Fever

Tomorrow hopes are within the olympic flame

Team GB

Tribute to the Great British Olympic team

Each Olympic Moment

Every moment of every event is a page being written in the history books of the games

Pass It On

Now this is Gold

Sheltered On Stairways

Its hard out there alone on the street .' Even birds have a nest and shelter

My Lovely Lee

So much beauty surrounds where peaceful waters flow

Why Do I Never Ask Why

There are too many questions and not enough answers .

Too Hot To Handle

We all need to discover love

Driving Daddys Car

Chasing a star in a fast car

Love's A Landslide

You can't run or hide from love

No Colour In The Rain

Love brings colour and life to the world

On The Edge Of Déjà vu Space

Somewhere in between here and there is a place called Deja Vu Space

Down To The Crossroads

A journey from the corners of the world back to a place called home

Tinnies In The Hand

A look at the lay back lifestyle here in Australia , from a mans point of view

Electric Avenue

A love lost is like a beggar on the avenue

Falling In Love Again

Love lies in the heart just waiting to be found

Mother Of The Widow

Poem / Prayer to Mary for widows

Mother Of The Orphan

Poe /Prayer to Mother Mary for the orphan

Mother Of Songs

Poem/Prayer about the language of song and the message that never changes

Mother Of Travelers

Poem /Prayer to Mother Mary for protection of travelers

Heart To Heart

Love is like glue that binds people together .

Simple As A Cake

The taste of love is simple and sweet

We’ve Got Blow Flies At Our Barby

Humorous song about a bbq with some unwanted pests

Second Chances In Love

If only we could all have second chances in love I believe we could benefit so much from the experience

Strands Of Love

Love unites us together

Shine Your Love Light

Looking for a light that brings me home to you

Virgin Of Virgins

Song tribute to the blessed Virgin

Gentle Roisin

Song for my beautiful daughter

Tara's Love

Song for a very special daughter

In Daddy’s arms

Song for my son

Silent Donaghadee

Find the silence near Donaghadee


I seek and knock

Roadblocks on the highway

Tribute song /Poem for the truck drivers who protested road tax by put up roadblocks on a major highway

Seasonal Poems

100 original about the seasonal events in life'

The Baby In A Box

If the innocent can be dumped.. what chance have the guilty ?

Where Rainbows Rise

Song about a place beyond this

Mary's Son

Song about Mary who carried the greatest gift ever known

Mother Of The Way

Tribute poem to Mary for guidance and protection

Mother Of Artists

Poem prayer to Mary for all artists

Mother Of Mothers

Poem prayer for all Mothers

Mother Of The Poor

Poetic petition to the Virgin Mary to allieviate the poor and homeless

Mother Of Understanding

Poetic tribute to the Virgin Mary for her constant understanding and compassionate heart .

Truth’s Caught Up With You

Song about people who lie and try to destroy others but never see the truth of their actions

Sharing Christmas

Sharing Christmas is for the young and old

The Junk Yard Dealing Blues

Cars are things that can bring you down

Standing Tall

In love something special always happens

I’m Getting Home Alone

People come into our lives and then they leave before we even suspect it will happen .

Mother Of Christmas

Poem tribute to Mary and the never ending Christmas story

Mother of the sunrise

Poem prayer in honour of the blessed virgin Mary

One Way Street

Love is a two way street , if you work together you'll get there in the end

Jess and the Angel

Poem about an angel who took on an almighty job

The Christmas Card

There's cards that sparkle and cards that sing , God knows there's cards with everything .

If Only I Was There

A reflection on the first Christmas

Its Christmas Again

It makes me smile for a while to think that peace has come , even if for just a day , its Christmas everyone . Its all the same black or white , we’re all the same inside .

Lady In Blue

A vision of love that will never die

New Year In New York

Some see in the new year with celebrating others have nothing to celebrate

My New Years Day

A sad father who has been forgotten on New Years Day

Football Crazy - A Cinquaine

A Cinquaine poetry structure

It Held Me Tight

In the grip of Stage Fright -

Mixed Up Girl

We all get mixed up sometimes but its finding someone who understands .

Five Footsteps Away

Love is sometimes only five footsteps away

One Of These Days

Life is a beautiful thing , one of these days the world will see.

Healing Hands

Its true we can heal each other

Nobodys Fool

There are somethings you can't learn in school

The Eyes Of The Heart

Sometimes we need to look at life from the heart

You've Never Gone Away

People we love m,ay leave us yet their love remains with us

Lord Of All Time

One Lord of all time

Taking a step backwards

Leaving the past behind is hard but its the only way to move ahead

Love Give Us Time

The experience of love is timeless

Every Sound and Taste

Love consumes but the hunger is endless

Mother Of The Road

Poem petition to the Virgin Mary

Mother Of Emotions

A tribute poem to our lady who is always there to intercede for us

Mother Of The Rain

Poem in honour of the virgin Mary

Mother Of The Void

A Poem plea to the Virgin Mary to assist men in lonliness

The Spirit Within

There is a peace in the world if we look hard enough and it lives within us all

Footsteps Through The Sky

Following a vision is like walking through the sky

Mother Of Healing

Poem petition for those who need healed

Its Time For New Hope And A New Pope

Looking For White Smoke After Ash Wednesday

There Is A God

Look at life with the trust of a child

Speak Lord

Listen if you have ears to hear

Mayhem City

Mayhem is a city of fun for the young

When Are You Coming Back

There is no pain like losing someone you love

No Business

People who keep using and abusing friendships are like burgulars who keep breaking into house's .


We can get all wired up the wrong way

Hold On Tight

When people let you down , hold on tight for love will make it right .

See Beyond

From a hermits cave to a new world beyond

Move On Blue

Some days you wish would just move on

Slowly but Surely

The first slow steady step of a relationship is like a journey into the unknown

Mother Of New Exploring

Poem petition to the Virgin Mary for young people who find the church boring

It’s Wonderful After All

With everything life sends , its still a wonderful experience .

New Ways Of Praise

If the church is boring find a new way to worshipO

Jesus Mary And Joseph

Tribute to the holy family

Mother Of The Battlefields

Poem petition to the virgin Mary for those with relationship issues

Tramping Blues

Tramps are like lifes rough old diamonds

Smooch Baby

Sometimes with love there are no rules

Mountain Of Love

Kove found a boy and girl on a mountain

Lost Sons Of Erin

Original poem that became a song that won the 2008 Billboard Song Contest with Robert and Wendy O"Hearn providing music and vocals

Hello Charity

If love can fill the void between distance and time it would be possible to speak with the ones we have always loved

Worry In The Wind

Where there's smoke there's fireand there's a worry in the wind

Nice People

. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0rtcVak8E8 , Nice People by Paul McCann Why do nice people end up with bad deals , I can’t understand why they get...

We All Get What We Deserve

. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-watZrCQ050 . We All Get What We Deserve by Paul McCann What is happiness , is it doing what is best for others and...

Mother Of Charity

Poem petition to the Virgin Mary for assistance with hardships

Love Struck

When you are struck by love there is no explanation why it happened ... Love Struck By Paul McCann http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grW8kAZReAI . The...

Threads Of Love

. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sJyRc75UD0 . Threads Of Love by Paul McCann She sang songs of love as warm as the summer wind on a winters day . As...

Forgive Me I’m In Love With You

Forgive Me I’m In Love With You by Paul McCann . Forgive Me - I’m In Love With You https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0CUA2dB_Es There are times when I...

The Love That Exists

The Love That Exists By Paul McCann https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElnSH7_rGYY Like a dog that’s left out in the rain , I’ll be waiting again and...

It's All About Love

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JAS6Tlqz7g Its All About Love Paul McCann Love is lost and love is found , love won’t order you around , Love is...

All I Want Is You .

All I want is you . By Paul McCann . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_aXGt-T-RM Even if the sky should fall , all I’d want is you . Even if my heart...

In Your Love

. In Your Love by Paul McCann . http://youtu.be/-muayJxwxyg . You own the mountains , you own the sky , sometimes I wish I had wings to fly , To be...

Mother Of Change

Mother Of Change by Paul Mc Cann . . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aJVwnEF-Jk Mother of change for those who are bound in chains and abused in...

Mother Of Shrines

. Mother Of Shrines By Paul McCann . Mother of shrines all over the world , in grottos and gardens and on mountainside ledges . Mother of shrines all...

Mother Of Truth

Mother Of Truth By Paul McCann . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fvXlAhtJeo . Mother Of truth remove the barriers that obstruct communication. Mother...

Its About Trusting Again

It’s About Trusting Again By Paul McCann Its dealing with all the pain and trying hard to reclaim It’s saying I’m not to blame , Its Learning to...

Mother Of Compasion

Mother Of Compassion By Paul McCann Mother of compassion you understand the things that hurt so deep within . Bring your help and heal all those who...

I Could Live Anywhere With You

I Could Live Anywhere With You Lyrics by Paul McCann http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9O3uiGvAZU I could live in Cebu or even in Timbuktu Just as long...

What Say You

What Say You by Paul McCann http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68XSvWIj6dg What say you how do you do . what do you say , Its been a long time since we...

The Greatest Moment

The Greatest Moment by Paul McCann http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-jELyQ08XQ I still recall each single word you said and every moment that lives...

By My Side

There By My Side by Paul McCann http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CuHOTkTmEwk I wake up in the night with you by my side and I cannot hide the tears...

Filipinos Through The Storm

Filipinos Through The Storm By Paul McCann The storm came like a dark shadow across the land and nothing could stand in its way . Everything was torn...

It’s A Gift This Thing Called Love

It’s A Gift This Thing Called Love by Paul McCann https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gopHRlkFIUk It’s a gift this thing called love and its comes from...

After The Storm

After The Storm By Paul McCann http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpXbxosVIFo It came just like a shadow across the land as the sky turned grey and...

With You

With You by Paul McCann https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2HHA5eSOpE There’s nothing more I want to say than I love you everyday there’s nothing more...

Correcting The wrong

Once I had a car that drove out of a driveway , I couldn't see which way to go , the sky it had turned grey . Now I have a home where the sunshines...

Paper Heart

Paper Heart By Paul McCann No one could hear the sound of my heart breaking Or feel the anguish within . My heart turned to paper and was torn up , I...

I'd Do It All For Love

I’d Do It All For Love by Paul McCann https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0D-qYZn5fWk I’d do it all for love . I want to cry , I want to die and...

No Beginning Or End

No Beginning Or End by Paul McCann https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJ94SzATX8s One day I just drove away and everything was shady and grey but then I...

A Breaking Heart

A Breaking Heart by Paul McCann http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RlzwqQAsto My heart is like a little bird sometimes it can’t be heard ; and it sinks...

In the Daylight

I poured my thoughts out on paper and drank the daylight in . Strong winds blew the day along and poetry began to spin . Snow fell down upon the...

Not Far Away

Not Far Away by Paul McCann Don’t you see me as someone else for can’t you see I am just myself I am not someone that you used to know oh you’ve got...

Love Strong And True

Love Strong And True By Paul McCann I shed a silent tear when she's not here she's in everything I do . I can't help feeling low , I miss her so ,...

Mother Of Suffering

Mother Of Suffering By Paul McCann Mother of suffering how beautiful is the empathy there of a mother’s heart who would do anything just to show you...

No Doubt

No Doubt by Paul McCann If I were to tell you something about you and if you were to tell me you didn’t believe me then I wouldn’t believe you cause...


The Sky Train by Paul McCann The sky train is coming down on the sleepy skyline to take you over the bridge between the day and the night time and...

When I'm With Her

When I'm With Her By Paul McCann http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRgg4_3b9E0&feature=youtu.be I’m ten feet tall and I know it all when I’m with...

The Emptiness Of Sorrow

The Emptiness Of Sorrow By Paul McCann I reached into the darkness and found an emptiness I could not fill The morning came and nothing had changed...

We Held Hands For The First Time

We Held Hands For The First Time by Paul McCann http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-oXdV4brO8&feature=youtu.be We held hands for the first time , I...

Wind In My Soul

Wind In My Soul by Paul McCann http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EaVaEXdLebI She’s the light of my life like sun and the moon and the flower in my heart...


Memories by Paul McCann http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSuUdw9ivZ8&feature=youtu.be Memories of childhood we grew up fast , the happy times we...

Sinking Feeling

Sinking Feeling 'By Paul McCann http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmGrYAAUrzg I can’t put to sleep these feelings I keep and the more that I think the...

Can't Sleep

Can’t Sleep by Paul McCann http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOU-gnRPXm4 I can’t stop thinking what went wrong , I can’t sleep now and the night is long...

Song Of Freedom

Song Of Freedom by Paul McCann Let us sing a song of joy and freedom and break the chains of sorrow in our hearts and tomorrow we will follow in the...

Mother Of Prisoners

Mother Of Prisoners By Paul McCann Mother of prisoners locked up in a cell Have mercy on them , it’s a living hell . Mother of prisoners there may be...

She's The Reason Why I'm Happy

She’s The Reason Why I’m Happy By Paul McCann People ask me if I’m happy and I’m not sure what to say , As I’ve never been more happy since the day...

For Richer or Poorer

For Richer Or Poorer' By Paul McCann I could buy you every rose that has ever been grown I could buy you every love song that's ever been known . I...

Mother of Settlements

Mother of Settlements by Paul McCann Mother of settlements your power upon , people and relationships that were wrong . Mother of settlements help...

Prisoner Of Time

Prisoners of Time By Paul McCann http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5HX-ykL3AQ The prisoner of time is locked up in a cell , sometimes he will tell you...

After The Rain

After The Rain by Paul McCann http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSH9Rmj5cPU You are the sunshine after the rain and I bless the day you came for your...

This Wise Old Filipino

This Wise Old Filipino by Paul McCann http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gV5cB5tiz24 You’ve got to hear no speak no see no like a wise old Filipino even...

You're The Only One For Me

You’re The Only One For Me by Paul McCann It took me a long time to find you and I don’t need to remind you , how much I love you , because you...

Greedy Guts

Greedy Guts By Paul McCann Greedy guts , you drive me nuts , your mouth just never shuts . Leave me out , you’re pigging out, is going to get your...

You're The Only One For Me

You’re The Only One by Paul McCann http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NP7KD6YUlQ It took me a long time to find you and I don’t need to remind you , how...

Mother Of Powerful Intercession

Mother Of Powerful intercession By Paul McCann http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dAuOXhcU90 Mother of powerful intercession ever willing to hear , I...

A Much Better Man

A Much Better Man by Paul McCann https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kh0IMuvxSPY . Here’s what I find , I must be out of my mind, I must be out of...

God Help Me

God Help Me By Paul McCann God there are just some things I cannot do That’s why I call on you . God hear my prayer , because lately I’ve felt I...

Running Free

Running Free By Paul McCann Once when we were running free like the wind on the prairie when the world had just begun and we were young We were...

Mother Of The Blue Mantle

Mother Of The Blue Mantle By Paul McCann Mother of the blue mantle defend all those who assist old people In the places where they stay . Mother of...


Mesmerized by Paul McCann https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hzx8sLT_qOc I opened my eyes at another sunrise and a light shone in through the window...

We Live In A Beautiful World

We Live In A Beautiful World by Paul McCann https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5qQo-BCl9o . We live in a beautiful world , a beautiful world you and me...

Open Ways

Open Ways by Paul McCann https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHIk_rysBzE . Open the door and show me the place where I have to go if you can because I...

Mother Of The Accused

Mother Of The Accused By Paul McCann https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_MLfa3c43g Mother of the accused you know the sorrow and the suffering of those...

Mother Of The Rosary

Mother Of The Rosary By Paul McCann Mother of the rosary ever with us here In these little rosary beads that we hold so dear all of the mysteries we...

Mother Of The Lonely

Mother Of The Lonely By Paul McCann https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZND_Hl_8Irk . Mother of the lonely help end this sorrow bring a bright tomorrow...

The Echo Of Love

The Echo Of Love by Paul McCann https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BmF0xj4ExQ0 . The song in my heart is a sound that I know and its the beautiful echo...

Slug On A Rug

Slug on a Rug by Paul McCann . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50oChhm1Q5c . I don’t take no drug to make me feel right , I don’t need no one to bug...

Blinded In Faith

Blinded In Faith By Paul McCann https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6-lK0f_8t4 So much has happened since you came would hardly think that anything will...

Mother Of Support

Mother Of Support By Paul McCann Mother of support fill my heart with love , Rekindle the flame of faith and hope ‘ Whenever I pray in your name ...


Battlefields by Paul McCann On the battlefields of our time there is no common ground we find with the enemy we see so what ever can we do with the...

Breakfast In Winter

Breakfast In Winter I can still see my mother squatting down by the fireplace , Putting some sticks over scrunched up newspaper . She struck a match...

There's No Mercy On The Streets

There’s No Mercy On The Streets By Paul McCann There’s murder on the streets of Bondi and people they just turn a blind eye . Somewhere an evil one...

Mother Of Vision

Mother Of Vision By Paul McCann Mother of vision you can see The needs of those who come with requests . Mother of vision look into my heart And put...

The Face Of Terror

The Face Of Terror By Paul McCann Terror is a monster from hell . Terror never asks are you well . Terror has no moral or truths . Terror has been...

An Autumn Kiss

An Autumn Kiss by Paul McCann It was Autumn and the cave was getting darker and shadows were a marker of the time I was in and the days were getting...

Its A Wonderful Life

It’s a Wonderful Life by Paul McCann . The harbour lights they shone down on a town fast asleep and the sound of the winds around me and there’s no...


Shine by Paul McCann Lord shine and bring an increase of peace , peace , peace and in the light we shall be released into a silent place where we can...

Mother Of Sanctuary

Mother Of Sanctuary By Paul McCann Mother of sanctuary I claim in your name peace and protection from loud and aggressive people who invade the...

She Rescued Me

She Rescued Me by Paul McCann I was drowning in the deep water I was blistering up in the heat , then she pulled me out of the water and put me back...

Out There

Out There By Paul McCann Out there on a boat floating beyond where the waves break , you can catch a sunflake , like a moment that you make ...

She Means The World To Me

She Means The World To Me by Paul McCann http://youtu.be/Yj6N4dThyh0 She is the reason for it all every season from spring to fall She’s the winter...

Embrace The Moment

Embrace The Moment by Paul McCann Its waking up and she s in your arms and you’re telling her before the alarms go off that you love her and you need...

Life's Roundabout Ride

Life’s A Roundabout Ride By Paul McCann I walked the streets of London and slept on the streets of Cork . I ate from bins and dog food tins and didn’...

Mother Of Division

Mother Of Division By Paul McCann Mother of division remove the threat of interference in relationships by those who have other motives in what they...


Betrayed By Paul McCann https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyqWIFky5L8 I once met a guy with a glaze in his eye and a limp when he walked And the smooth...

Forever And A Day

Forever And A Day by Paul McCann Somewhere in my dreams I’ll find a place to leave this world behind within my heart and my mind , I know its true ,...

Walking In The Rain

Walking In The Rain by Paul McCann . . http://youtu.be/RKjg0HzD_7w I was dreaming of walking in the rain trying was trying to get back again But I...

Mother Of Retrebution

Mother Of Retribution By Paul McCann Mother of retribution You have answered the prayers I’ve said . Mother of retribution Help me with the things...


Irresistible https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVJnVd2difM by Paul McCann Irresistible you are to me so kissable and comfortable to be with and...

My Shining Star

My Shining Star https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3PrNkP5VF8 by Paul McCann You are my shining star , that’s what you are can’t you see you’re by far...

Damage Limitation

Damage Limitation by Paul McCann http://youtu.be/4BKAvMPDjMI You want the truth and I know it will hurt you but what else can I do , I can’t lie to...

She is In My Dreams

She Is In My Dreams By Paul McCann She is there beside me when ever I lay down She is by my side and her love is all around I look into her face when...

Mother Of Good Will

Mother Of Good Will By Paul McCann Mother of good will bring happiness and peace in the years that lie ahead , Mother of good will sustain us with...


Fragility https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qRVaBgPycM by Paul McCann When I think of you I don’t know what to do , it breaks me in two to think that...

Mother Of The Wilderness

Mother Of The Wilderness By Paul McCann Mother of the wilderness I bring you flowers and I leave them at your feet . Mother of the wilderness I place...

Kissing The Way We Do

Kissing The Way We Do By Paul McCann http://youtu.be/F8iBy2w22us When I hold you in my arms I feel paradise is near and when I kiss you on the lips...

Mother Of The Night

Mother Of The Night By Paul McCann Mother of the night I bring to your sight the needs and troubles I have and ask your help in all I share . Mother...

She Is The 4th Of July

She Is The 4th Of July By Paul McCann As I think of the fourth of July , I remember her and close my eye . She laughed and loved and she made me cry...

Sometimes Dreams Come True

Sometime Dreams Come True By Paul McCann http://youtu.be/F2r_QiMgnx0 She’s there beside me when I lay down and as I turn off the light she turns...

Going Serious

http://youtu.be/9kCylJCpL68 Going Serious by Paul McCann Oh yes I trust in you because our love is true and there’s an understanding between us two...

The Face Of Love

The Face of Love by Paul McCann http://youtu.be/nSCd6un5vh0 I close my eyes and find she’s in my heart and mind , she’s there in a place where I can...


Disappearing By Paul McCann http://youtu.be/VpEwrjIRKHE Looking for an escape hatch in the troubled times , some things are best left behind , like...

Mother Of Communication

Mother Of communication By Paul McCann https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyn7VuvVlSg . Mother of communication may you continue to speak within my...

Mother Of The Universe

Mother Of The Universe By Paul McCann https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tt1qqzWhpRY . Mother of the universe we come to your throne , please help us...

Mother Of Restoration

Mother Of Restoration By Paul McCann https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sCAw4PBN8g . Mother of restoration I come and ask that you would rebuild the...

The Eternal Warrior

The Eternal Warrior By Paul McCann When you are under attack and the devils on your back , well you know you’re not that strong so you better call...

Mother Of The Unknown

Mother Of The Unknown By Paul McCann https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8Nd1gJzYMQ . Mother of the unknown you see things I can’t and you know things I...

Mother Of Tears

Mother Of Tears By Paul McCann https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONhQRxsSHoA . Mother of tears your heart has been pierced through with the sorrows of...

Giver Of All

The Giver Of All By Paul McCann Jesus your eyes look into my heart and your voice softly speaks to my soul . You showed me the way when I was lost...

Stormy Times

Stormy Times By Paul McCann https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1-MMZMPDwA&feature=youtu.be I want to be buried deep in your arms but you're not...

Its Time

Its Time By Paul McCann When the heart is so heavy with grief that it falls out of your chest to the floor where it screams in pain . Its time to...

Mother OfThe Forgotten

Mother Of The Forgotten By Paul McCann Mother of the forgotten You are always there to show you care For those who feel left out and all alone ...

Mother Of Alms

Mother Of Alms By Paul McCann Mother of alms all the debts I owe I give to you and pray that you would help me pay . Mother of alms remove the burden...

Your Call

Your Call By Paul McCann I waited for you to phone ,are you there? I’m feeling so alone now , do you care ? Where are you now , I’m thinking about...

Friends Of Dementia

Friends Of Dementia By Paul McCann Dementia how do you do Said the friends that no one knew . Here’s a flower just for you , Suddenly so fast it grew...

Just Adjusting

Just Adjusting By Paul McCann . I must adjust to things I've lost . It’s part of life’s on going cost . Growing old and accepting it . With some help...

She Needs To Know

She Needs To Know By Paul McCann We all know she’s got problems , She’s still a baby its clear to see But there’s only so much we can do , She’s left...

Walking With Dementia

Walking With Dementia By Paul McCann When he gets up in the morning , he begins to roam He’s walking with dementia and very far from home He’s...

The Truth About Dementia

The Truth About Dementia By Paul McCann She sat in a waiting room long ago Her watch had stopped and time was passing slow . Everyone smiled at her...

The Runaway Dementia Train

The Runaway Dementia Train By Paul McCann Incentives and inventiveness are needed to appear , to encourage more people towards a nursing career ...

A Nurse With Dementia

A Nurse With Dementia By Paul McCann There was this little old lady who once was a nurse , She was taken by dementia and learned how to curse . She...

She's Got Dementia

She’s Got Dementia By Paul McCann A group of people had arrived in the nursing home to visit their Mother who had been left on her own . She had...

They Who Have Dementia

They Who Have Dementia By Paul McCann So just who are they , would anyone like to know . If they asked you for help, would you say yes or no . They...

Love Is

Love Is By Paul McCann A million kisses I want to give to you everyday and all my life through , I want to tell you a million times and in a million...

Her Upside Down Smile

Upside Down Smile By Paul McCann http://youtu.be/nyqt6C6jOlA?list=UUOifdvriVo4jIsx9lnjTUJw She pushes away how she feels inside with lips turned...

Hmmm Emmm Emm

Hmm Hhmm Eeem Eeem Eemm By Paul McCann . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGq_tsybGvA . Can’t you see what’s under my skin , Can’t you see how I’m...

Mother Of Extremities

Mother Of Extremities By Paul McCann Mother of extremities , when its all too much you know what to do . Mother of extremities we need your help in...

Mother Of Warmth

Mother Of Warmth By Paul McCann Mother of warmth , melt inside all the cold waters of my tears . Mother of warmth Bring the sun upon my face Chase...

Mother Of Respite

Mother Of Respite By Paul McCann Mother of respite we come to you tired and in need of support . Mother of respite We claim victory in your heavenly...

Mother Of Reflection

Mother Of Reflection By Paul McCann Mother of reflection see all the things that are a barrier for me and help me to find a way through. Mother of...

Mother Of Stature

Mother Of Stature By Paul McCann Mother of stature , you gaze at the world with eyes that penetrate the unseen elements that exist . Mother of...

Jesus Of Divine Mercies

Jesus Of Divine Mercies Paul McCann Jesus Of divine mercies protect the love of those you have chose and remove the barriers that prevent our prayers...

The Chocolate Hills

Chocolate Hills By Paul McCann . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_lpo6-vUIA . I’m walking to find space out there in some place where no one can...

Mother Of The Home

Mother Of The Home By Paul McCann Mother of the home bless our family and bring peace and love underneath our roof . Mother of the home be present...

Mother Of Marriage

Mother Of Marriage By Paul McCann Mother of the marriage bring to the altar those who intent to marry and bless the future that they will share ...

Dragon Dudes

Dragon Dudes By Paul McCann Dragon dudes demonstrate , delinquents dangerous dance . Dazzled disarming displays , distinguished debutantes . Downtown...

Mother Of Conflict

Mother Of Conflict By Paul McCann Mother of the conflict take away all the dangers and defend those who are under attack from evil envy and greed ...

Mother Of Fears

Mother Of Fears By Paul McCann Miother of fears we come to you and seek sanctuary away from all trouble and strife . Mother of fears your love is...

Mother Of Prayer

Mother Of Prayer By Paul McCann Mother of prayer Into your hands I place my rosary beads Mother of prayer Into your loving care I place all my needs...

Mother Of Penrose

Mother Of Penrose By Paul McCann Mother of Penrose Thank you for the peace here when I look into your face . Mother of Penrose Thank you for calling...

Mother Of Inspiration

Mother Of Inspiration By Paul McCann Mother of inspiration So many times I have come to you and knelt down in prayer . Mother of inspiration I feel...

Love Will Last Forever

Love Will Last Forever By Paul McCann https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdB71s-i1w0 . Walking away without knowing where on earth I would be going , on...

Take This Heart

Take This Heart Music and lyrics by Paul McCann . http://youtu.be/fwxev-DEBa4 I give you my heart , I give you my dreams , I give you my word and all...


Everytime by Paul McCann http://youtu.be/qtxevHvJWhk?list=UUOifdvriVo4jIsx9lnjTUJw . Every time you go away , every time that you come back and every...

The Dragonslayer

The Dragonslayer By Paul McCann . Its was Saturday knight fever , he was eager as a beaver To slay down the dragon who was always a puffing and...

Dragon In The House

Dragon In The House By Paul McCann . As fiery as a dragon she spent her time nagging The knight of the realm had fallen under a spell and Had turned...

Back Seat Drivers

Back Seat Drivers by Paul McCann Driving in the back seat of my car , on’t think that we’ll get very far , should I stop or will I go , tell me again...

Angels Are Around Us

Angels Are Around Us by Paul McCann Everywhere you go they’re so discreet , angels in the air and on the street , sitting in your car or where ever...

Angels Are Around Us

Angels Are Around Us by Paul McCann . http://youtu.be/9B2VWn5PcZo?list=UUOifdvriVo4jIsx9lnjTUJw . Everywhere you go they’re so discreet , angels in...

A Philippines Smile

A Philippines Smile By Paul McCann https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwmGq-OZVfA&feature=youtu.be . In a beautiful spot that time has forgot ,...

What Do Dragons Do

What Do Dragons Do By Paul McCann Do dragons dance , do dragons drown Do dragons drink downtown . Do dragons dress , do dragons dream Do dragons dunk...

Sick Little Dragon

The Sick Little Dragon By Paul McCann . He was as sick as a dog , as wild as a hog , the dragon who couldn’t keep cool . He was stubborn as a mule as...

Mother Of Succour

Mother Of Succour By Paul McCann Mother of succour every time I ask you hear and I know you understand . Mother of succour In all of my needs please...

Mother Of Patience

Mother Of Patience By Paul McCann Mother of patience You are always able to overlook the things I do wrong And you have time to see the good in me ...

Why Do People Do The Things They Do

Why Do People Do The Things They Do - by Paul McCann . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K04hgGgyhuY&feature=youtu.be . He stands on the corner...


Someone by Paul McCann . http://youtu.be/WJMq8es1mbY?list=UUOifdvriVo4jIsx9lnjTUJw . There’s something that touches the soul as the heart strings...

Mother Of The Flame

Mother Of The Flame By Paul McCann Mother of the flame spread the fire of love among us and with confidence in you we are able to trust . Mother of...

Mother Of The Needy

Mother Of The Needy By Paul McCann Mother of the needy you hear every prayer and understand where help can be sent . Mother of the needy all who are...

Foreigner Come Home

Foreigner Come Home by Paul McCann She took me back where she came from and for the first time I walked upon , the groun d that was home to her ,...

Blessed By Love

Blessed By Love by Paul McCann I missed you in my arms today , the morning came and went away , so many things for us to do , I’m so much in love...

The Call Of Christmas

The Call Of Christmas By Paul McCann Its Christmas time and what I find is something written between the lines , its in a word that’s softly said ,...

An Encore For The Dragonfly

An Encore For The Dragonfly By Paul McCann She had to dance , she had to fly , before the day she had to die and when her dance was nearly done her...

Mother Of Ber

Mother Of Ber By Paul McCann Mother Of Ber it’s a time to share From September to December there Peace and joy with everyone From Cebu to Davao and...

One Star Shining

One Star Shining By Paul McCann Over all the land the snow fell so white and over the desert sand there was one star shining bright . Over the oceans...

Mother Of The Shroud

Mother Of The Shroud By Paul McCann Mother of the shroud to get away from the crowd we come to this place and kneel downbefore your face . Mother of...

A View Of Boracay

A View Of Boracay By Paul McCann The Jetty boats and tricycles that bring people to and fro from the airport to the market place or where they need...

Mother Of The Beach

Mother Of The Beach By Paul McCann Mother of the beach your blessing is there in the water and on the sand . Mother of the beach help those who get...

A Suitcase And A Guitar

A Suitcase And A Guitar By Paul McCann I packed something’s into my suitcase then I went off to see a new place , somewhere where I’d never been...

Mother Of The Call

Mother Of The Call By Paul McCann Mother of the call You hear the sound of every child who cries . Mother of the call answer all who need to find a...

This Songbird Has Flown

This Songbird Had Flown By Paul McCann She came down from the sky and somehow she knew how to fly , long before her wings turned to stone and so she...

Special Love

Special Love By Paul McCann I opened up my eyes and I saw that you were crying and though you didn’t show it somehow I know that it was true , I knew...

Mother Of Life

Mother Of Life By Paul McCann Mother of life You brought to the earth The light of hope at the Christ childs birth . Mother of life angels showed the...

No Other Love Will Ever Do

No Other Love Will Ever Do By Paul McCann You know some people have waited so long and the time it has slowly come and gone but maybe someday their...

Christmas Far Away

Christmas Eve Far Away By Paul McCann I don’t understand a single word you say , so pardon me If I just drift away , Invisible I can become never...

Empty Streets

Empty Streets By Paul McCann https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=az2SQDtGPeA The streets of the city , they don’t look so pretty whenever she’s not...

Empty Streets

Empty Streets By Paul McCann The streets of the city , they don’t look so pretty whenever she’s not around , The empty cold sidewalks where no one...

Empty Streets

Empty Streets By Paul McCann The streets of the city , they don’t look so pretty whenever she’s not around , The empty cold sidewalks where no one...

Oh Lord

Oh Lord By Paul McCann Oh Lord what would we do without you , in this world we’re passing through there would be no light in the dark oh how could we...

Mother Of Virtues

Mother Of Virtues By Paul McCann Mother of virtues through our suffering we are able to find strength and the importance of being connected to you ...

New Years Eve In Manila

New Years Eve in Manila By Paul McCann Everything is so much different here in this place . Friendly people smile as they look into your face Its New...

The Old Year Is Almost Looking New

The Old Year Is Almost Looking New By Paul McCann I hear the sound of the traffic and there’s nothing I can do to stop it wile here inside my head...

Woman Of The Night

Woman Of The Night By Paul McCann I met her on a staircase in the city , dressed in red and she looked so pretty, I thought I heard her say I‘ve no...