Poetry and Me

for the moments when you want to rip your heart out, slam it on the counter and demand a refund.

Us to Me

Us to Me This pain it moves around me inside it grabs and shakes me the dark clouds it brings within me the air is thick it chokes me. A pain that...

Speaking in Silence

Speaking in Silence You now pass without a glance no hello, no second chance all the while knowing how we affect the other all the while telling...

Time and Place

Time and Place It isn’t like I wait for you, and wonder where you’ve gone. It isn’t like the night will come, just before the dawn. I see the way it...

I'll Save Myself

Don’t save me You see me frowning, face pained, emotions overflowing, You see me sobbing, heart open, hurt showing. I want to thank you for not...

A Song of a Poem

A Song of a Poem On a long winters night in a dark lonely flight it’s you oh it’s you You were by my side but now I’m alive Babe, it's you And me on...