The Insemination

With her right claw Genu46 grips the child and tugs her beak from its ribs. She dribbles softener on its forehead, then cuts from combed hair to snub...

the criminal dream of an employee

At the specified hour the employee strode into the national HQ and presented his summons. After a brief interrogation, he was pushed into an...

The Liar

Honest autobiographical piece about trying to live as an artist in 2018.

Skyworms, or the Man Who Disproved Sleep

It’d been a long day, I mean literally a day that had lasted months. I had disproven sleep in an internationally published and peer-reviewed paper...

The Parking-Garage Ark

I watched the parking-garage ark being constructed high above the streets, back when its glass belly rested on a 3D grid of white steel sticks; when...

The Rainy Library

Yeah, I’ve been to the rainy library. They don’t put plastic on any of the goods. So many waterlogged stacks of books… I remember standing in the...

Our Lady of the Streets

The city’s rectangular eyes towered over me. Banks and offices whispered to each other forecasts of my movements. They knew I was lost and trying to...

The Answer (I)

A true story about a night out with an addict.

The Answer (II)

True story of a night out with an addict. Second and final part.


I did not want to see infinity. In fact, I tried to get her to put it away. That was the problem with N. She could never just relax and pass a...

The Best Billionaire

No one had believed Brad. But Brad was a man of his word. As soon as the controlling shares were transferred to his name, Brad flew to headquarters...