Carole Caplin: That photograph.

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Carole Caplin: That photograph.

Did anyone see the photograph of Carole Caplin posing bent over a huge ball for Guardian G2 yesterday? It'll become iconic. It's already been used as a satire on Blair by Steve Bell today. It did make me feel rather horny and I can't stand the airy fairy, pixies in the garden, waftiness of the silly tart. But it did make me feel like taking her up the Oxo Tower. Maybe one of you peeples can scan the photo and do one of those http thingies so that people can see what I'm chuntering on about.

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Gave the internet a quick once-over for you styx, couldn't find the Carole Caplin pic but found Steve Bell one from yesterday, although I'm sure it doesn't do it for you in quite the same way.,7371,1683059,00.html Enzo..
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