The Little Voice Inside Your Head

Are you or anyone you know hearing ‘voices’ in your head? You could be suffering from a psychiatric illness called schizophrenia, or on the other hand; it could just be the government tapping into your thoughts with mind-control equipment.

This is a common phenomenon in the 21st century and occurs globally, but especially in the U.S.A where there are now several thousand victims. These people refer to themselves as TI’s, or Targeted Individuals. They refer to their antagonists as ‘perps’, or ‘perpetrators’, although these people are often in the employ of the state in some way or the other.

I came across a young man the other day on Facebook who was taken up in an institution, presumably in the UK, on the pretext of ‘hearing voices’ and being paranoid delusional. This seems to be a common modus operandi with many TI’s falling prey to this tactic and finding themselves taken up in the psychiatric system. (The victim is often harassed along with the electronic ‘delusions’ that are induced, and is therefore labelled paranoid delusional.)

The medical profession should get its house in order and an independent inquest should be launched. The problem is now an international one and it is a disgrace to the profession that claims to adhere to the betterment of human life.

Stop the lies! Stop the madness! Listen to the voice of reason…  


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