The Internet Writer

I have been writing on the internet now for ten years, and this is what I learned. In choosing their name some people prefer their own names, while others use pen-names. Funny pen-names are quite in fashion, but it better be good, because you’re stuck with it. Finding a good writers web-site is also difficult. They seem to be limited, but this should hopefully change as the industry and the art progress. As far as setting up your page goes, I can offer the following advice; keep your lay-out simple. Simplicity is the key to successful design, or as a famous lecturer once said “Keep it simple – Stupid”. I believe in using only a few sets , like one for poetry and one for prose. Then you can add maybe a few more as time progresses. This enables your readers to browse through your work with ease and you will get more reads this way. I myself use five sets on my page and find it quite adequate. Keep your prose and stories short to keep your readers attention, bearing in mind that the medium that you are using is the internet, and as such your reader’s concentration and attention-span is limited. My prose is usually about 300 or 400 words per story, or about a single page. If you use a community website like ABCtales it is advisable to comment on the work of others. This gets you contacts and perhaps a few reads. Most importantly; enjoy yourself and don’t try to be another John Steinbeck or Virginia Woolfe. Fame and fortune is few and far between in the writing game, but fulfilment and friends is plenty to be found. Once the bug bites it will never leave you.


Creative writing is an art; not a science. To measure it on a scale of good and bad is folly. Like any other art-form it is filled with human flaws and perfections. A child’s drawing has the same artistic value as a Picasso painting. The value of the art is in the eye of the beholder. It is true that we are all just apprentices in a trade where no-one ever becomes a master. Love your fellow man, but love your fellow artist all the more. All of existence is art in itself.