At the Spoken Word Event

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At the Spoken Word Event
At the Spoken Word Event
So he took to the mic
and he said. “There is a fracas
going down in Caracas.”
It got quite a chuckle 
but my spirit began to buckle 
at the cheapness of his language.
Because tonight in Venezuela 
there is no food and children are dead.
Where’s the rhyme and reason in that? 


Surely, "fracas" doesn't even rhyme with "Caracas"? Surely it rhymes with the Pakistani name "Waqar"?

I knew a Waqar at school. Waqar Butt, his name was. No, really. And he had bright ginger hair. He was Asian, ginger and his name was Waqar Butt. Probably as a result of that, he was an aggressive little bastard. Waqar was always in a fracas.


Ahem...fracas rhymes visually and the poem itself, short as it is, makes no pretence at a full rhyming pattern. Not far from where I was born everyone was called 'whacker' until it went out of fashion in the 70s. Ho hum.



Do visual rhymes work at spoken word events?


You’d need sign boards - a la Bob Dylan. But they could work.smiley

I think it would sound alright.  There's assonance to it.