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Persona Non Grata


I don't know what Alfie Shoyger did to infuriate the ABC tales team, but in the interests of full disclosure and honesty, I am intrigued as to why the mention of his name is worthy of being 'edited' out of existence.

I understand this is a site for aspiring creative writers, so we musnt' let personal feuds cloud our integrity. However, 'Eric the Fish' for all his faults; faults of pride of which we are all guilty to some degree. I am a little intrigued as to why the mere mention of his name would be against community standards.

If you've seen 'The Life of Brian', then the whole Jehovah sketch, with John Cleese, in that you can't mention the Lords name, women in beards and stoning and what not. I only enquire out of polite curioisty and not malicious mischief, I like ABC tales and I respect the fair open policy. But, I am curious as to what Alfie did, to become persona non grata.

He's a nice guy and very very original writer. Just very sensitive I wonder too I cannot think  what the story is. An honest straight shooting chap. Couldn't it have been he himself? Can one do this? Might be sounds if it could be at a times convenient to withdraw like this. We need to know if it could be a precedent.

I really hope he's well 365 volt hairstyle and all & Nolan


If there is anything to explain, it should be the editors' prerogative. From what I understand, he took exception to some of his comments - which I assume were in contravention of the terms and conditions of this site - being censored. I don't know the exact circumstances but nowadays in view the Equality Act 2010  we all have to be careful of what we say to avoid incurring the wrath of the authorities. If this site allowed comments that could be construed as an offence under this Act it would liable to be sued.
We may shout that it denies us our freedom of speech but it is the law of this country.
While he was active on ABC, his work was praised, he was thanked for his involvement and a review of his book was published. I wouldn't say that he is being edited out of existence but as he has ceased to be a member his work is no longer available.
As Spartarcad said: "I understand this is a site for aspiring creative writers, so we musn't let personal feuds cloud our integrity."





It's not difficult when his motto on other sites is ' Victory to the white working class.' His offsite comments may have been cleaned up by now but the comments concerning ABC Tales  were derogatory to say the least. Make of that wat you will.


As far as he's concerned I am Persona Non Grata, since I believe he's been slagging me off on his favorite website, apparently because I questioned his ethics in a comment on one of his poems he posted on here. Typically he responded with a childish insult. 

I believe he left of his own accord and other comments he made to members were removed and that was the the reason he spat the dummy. 


It's beginning to sound like a witch hunt I don't blame him. What happened to freedom of speech? Or does it only apply to you? And your buddies? Have pity! Mercy!


No witch hunt. He spat the dummy and left.

Nobody kicked him off