Sex in the beggining of a novel

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Sex in the beggining of a novel

For some reason I started my novel with sex referenced as the guys and girl the assain is about to kill are having sex. I originally had it reasonably explict, then I toned it down, then I toned it up a little bit. Bassically, I'm unsure if I should just remove it, or make it entirely unexplicit. I'm not sure if it would alienate a reader from the get go. There is some more sex in the book and I'm equally troubled if I should have it explicit or just alluded to....

Show, don't tell. If the main plot does not depend on the interaction keep it subtle while focusing more on the assasin closing in on his or her target. What are they thinking, are their movements in sync with the lovemaking to be undetected, does this act spark some underlying trauma they have to make a crucial mistake leading them to be caught at the end of the novel? Sex for the most part in any novel should serve more as a juxtposition to the main story unless it is a romannce type of story like 50 Shades of Grey or anything like that nonsense. Just a bit of advice.

- Chinobus -

Sex is good any time also while beginning a novel, if you like. They say that 99.5% of all sex happens between the ears.