I just ranted on ABC tales about my fragile artistic condition.

It's sad and angry but true.

You might have read it.

It's called "Where Have All the Comments Gone?"

It might be read by my usual 25 readers.

That's not enough, I'm afraid.

One of the reasons that I write is for readers to read.

More people will read the words that I post in this blog than will read the words that I "publish" on ABC tales. So why don't I just write here?

What is a blog anyways?

I want to write.

I want to be read.

I will write somehwere.

Maybe I'll continue on ABC tales although 1100 posts kinda seems like a good time to wrap things up for awhile.

I don't know.

I need help.

I need advice.

It's getting late kinda early around here.



I'm never quite sure what the blogs are for either Ice - although celticman uses them for some really interesting reviews. I'm sorry you're feeling down about not receiving comments - I have found generally that people who read and comment on other people's work are more likely to get comments on theirs. I see you're planning to read at our reading event though, which is great - really looking forward to it!


I usually write stories on the story section and blogs here. But you're right. Blogs get more reads. I guess it's because you have more folk browsigng this part of the site and feel afraid or  obliged to open up the storyboard. 


what's the difference between a blog and a story



I guess it's arbitary. My stories tend to be fictional.