Using ABCtales to be cruel, argue or mock others.

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Using ABCtales to be cruel, argue or mock others.

Thanks to whoever set up this account. I can't imagine what you were planning to use this account for, but like some of the things I've seen on here lately, I imagine it wasn't set up for acts of kindness. After all that I was so upset I forgot to paste the link.


I am thinking that the person here has misunderstood your motives in choosing your handle [doeslittle]. Those are wounding words to someone who is trying to be a creative person and I think they were offended by this comment in your name. I would not worry too much about it myself.


I have emailed David about this - such behaviour is disgusting and certainly not in the spirit of the site. It is a shame that a certain cruel element wants to ruin it for the genuine writers on here by being petty and vindictive. Don't let it get to you, they're really not worth your notice, J x


Am I missing something?


I am so sorry to see that you've deleted your work Doeslittle, it seems the relative anonymity afforded by an internet account allows cyberbullying, overt and implied; a puerile form of cowardice and nastiness that strays beyond the pre-pubescent. Keep writing.


maddan - Yes, perhaps me just posting the link isn't very clear. I'll explain. The Theresa business already had made me feel very uneasy as whilst I had argued with her I felt I tried to do so as reasonably as I could, but it desecended into a few people mocking her and laughing at her. I didn't like it for lots of reasons which are not worth me labouring to spill out here. I also feel that it's part of a wider and growing pattern of ego-jostling, cliques and facetious 'look how amusingly clever I am' behaviour. There is also a sense in which only the more dominant members make full use of the site and others get ignored or overlooked. Now there's lots I could say to make these points better and explain myself more fully, but I'm sure it would be dull to read and truly I did just want to quietly remove my work and leave it at that. Besides, this is just my opinion, I quite willing to accept that many people will not share it. I don't want a full scale forum row telling me why I'm wrong! Yesterday, however, someone emailed me the above link. They did so for friendly reasons so I'm not complaining about that. It did upset me. Now, I don't know for certain that this account was set up to be nasty to me in some way - by some crazy coincidence it could be an account from 2005 and someone who has no ill intent towards me whatsoever and if that's the case I'll happily apologise - lord knows I've been wrong many times before. It seems unlikely to me though and in the event that someone deliberately set this up for malicious reasons I felt that I wanted to highlight it. I was upset last night when I found it, this morning a quiet departure as intended seems a better idea again, but still it's done now. I realise that many people on here may well think I'm being ridiculous, but as I pointed out this is just my opinion. I do occasionally naively expect the world to be full of kindness, friendliness and other lovely things like kittens and am stupidly disappointed when it's not.


Thanks lenchenelf, I will keep writing, of course. And yes, rt, there may be a misunderstanding, it matters less to me this morning as these things tend to after a good night's sleep.


I can see how you might think the Teresa business went too far. And the other account could be upsetting. But why delete all your work? What did you hope to achieve by that. Just curious.
The other account has been deleted. J x


Good. Now delete Yerka's account.


Hear, hear! Well said! J x


I posted a story about kittens once. It wasn't cherry-picked. Just goes to show.


Raccoon eggs is food son, the only thing I can eat that several others don't eat first! Wait a minute! Do you mean you find it amusing I am so desperately hungry that I eat raccoon eggs? This is cruel! And what's the matter with all of you? Kittens don't lay raccoon eggs! Every barber knows that!!


Meanwhile here is what one of my raccoons did last night. Very heroic! I hear people laughing. This world is so cruel.


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