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Out Of Africa

I have been a member of abctales for fourteen years. My writing is mostly about South Africa although I have some British roots. I never finished my degree but practiced on the keyboard until my fingers were stubs. I will never be a John Steinbeck or a Douglas Adams, but have my own unique way of putting things. As someone rightly said ‘We are all just apprentices at an art where no-one ever becomes a master’. If you would like to read a bit of my work just follow the link. Fortune favours the brave. Take a walk on the wild side. 


I really like what you said there. Very poetical it was. Keep writing.


Thank you thornwood. Creative writing is an art; and art is for artists I guess.

All of the best.


It's like Chess. You can learn to play in ten minutes but you can't master the game in a lifetime.

Just so. 


Chess is a sea where a gnat may drink and an elephant bathe.

-Indian Proverb


I must be the gnat then; but I did enjoy playing when I was younger nonetheless.

Writing is much the same sort of thing I reckon. Regards.


You are not a second Steinbeck or a Douglas Adams. You are the first JP Brown. Be what you're best at! &