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The Quiet American

Shortly after Apartheid in 1996 I was attacked with wireless electronics because of alleged crime by ‘Adriaan Vlok’ Police Station and tortured to the extreme for several months and was then taken up in psychiatry where I was murdered ever since by injection. This was because of on old Apartheid monster of a Police Commander who judge-jury-and executioneered me on behalf of his corrupt and murderous staff who was busy covering up an old apartheid murder of a black lad. It was all a frame and cover-up regardless of any so-called ‘charges’ against me at that point in time.

In 2008 they came back and tortured, maimed and nearly murdering me on the same grounds heralding in the Zuma era. Here they claimed to be backing Zuma and the revolution to the extent to the whole country’s downfall and ruin. This fiasco they perpetuated for a further ten years while continuing to cover up their horrid and murderous little Apartheid past. In those days they were noting but cut throats and common murderers acting on behalf of the revolution and a Dictator. They were real little white Gupta’s and my blood and suffering was their ticket to the top.

Now the tide has turned again in favour of Africa, Democracy and Reason with the new President and his New Direction for us all. Once again they seem to be contriving their old white, right-wing plans being a Trojan-Horse and a Plant in benefit of their own little white favour and the determent and downfall of us all.
‘Pale Face Speaks With Forked Tongue!’ And believe me; he is a murderous and treacherous Bastard!

(They seem to be running several of these white little circles with several victims involved and seem to be infiltrating and undermining our Government and Democracy. This is the greatest threat to our National Security that we have faced since Verwoerd and the Nationalist Party came to power.)

My Story:

'This is nothing but Jungle Justice and a Kangaroo Court!'