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What's all this flim flam about regulatory bodies and their supine attitude? We have OFGAS, OFWAT and OFSOD (That's the banking one) We need a regulatory body to regulate the regulatory bodies. What might we call it? Oh I know OFUK.

Hahahahahahahahahaha oh dear this has cheered me up no end, very, very clever! Love it! J x


Even funnier: Posted by styxbroox on June 21, 2006 - 22:30 Thames Water Board are ever so slightly miffed that OFWAT the regulatory body, are thinking of fining them for not meeting their targets for reducing the millions of gallons of water, lost due to the leaks in the creaking water system in London. They're thinking of coming up with their own body to hit back at the regulatory bodies. It's title is slightly long-winded but put their feelings into context. It's called The Office of Bureaucratic Unifying Gregarian Gainsayers of European Recalcitrants: or OFBUGGER. jude "Cacoethes scribendi"
Thames Water could have their own regulatory body, OFTWAT.


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