Selectively choosing which poems to publish

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Selectively choosing which poems to publish


Is there a way of making all my poems not viewable on this website without going through each one and turning off the the publish option?

There are certain ones that I would like published here, and others that I would like to be hidden.


Thanks a lot

Hi Magic - long time no see! I'm afraid there isn't a way as far as I know. 


you can make your poems visible only to ABCtalers and not to random googlers. Can't remember how to do it though. 


Hi IPFNH... Thanks a million. Yep, have lost the posting mojo.

Hi Celticman, yep I think it's in edit poem, then choose something like seen only by logged on users.


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I let my poems bleed out quicker than nicking an artery. You can find the hide options in the publishing section plus you can create a collection of either public/personal files. Have fun writing friend.

- Chinobus -