Linda1*4*3's brave account of childhood trauma

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Linda1*4*3's brave account of childhood trauma

I'd like to bring to people's (and cherrypickers') attention a very well written story by Linda1*4*3 (I can't find the multiply button my laptop).
There may be a few typos but her story is both gripping and intense.

This personal story of a girl shunted from one place to the next by an uncaring family is told with insight and authenticity and may well help those who have had to live through similar difficulty in early life.

I'm very interested in personal stories that deal with childhood trauma and have read quite a few books recently. This story stands tall against all those books, some of which were bestsellers.
My interest in childhood trauma is based on a deep desire to understand perhaps my own lost childhood and hopefully I'll end up one day knowing how to help those who have suffered at the hands of their parents and/or the care system.

I am in awe of Linda's tenacity and spirit and do not want to unsettle her by posting this as a forum topic, most of all because she really does have an important story to tell. As a reader, I'm mesmerised by her experience and feel compelled to know that it ends on a good note, hopefully aided by its writing, but I know there's much more trouble to come.
Check this work out.

I agree, blighters rock, unlike other books of this genre there are no literary bells and whistles in Linda's story obviously added for dramatic impact, just the grim truth as she recalls it. The whole thing rings true, and though my own childhood was largely happy certain passages trawled up memories which deeply upset me.
I am truly stunned and overwhelmed by the responses I have received. It has given me strength to keep writing. I am not used to receiving praise or feeling accomplished. Even without praise or accolades I will continue to use my voice and tell my story. Years of hiding the truth are over. Theres so much to tell. I used to ask why me so often. Then recently I thought maybe he chose me because I was the one strong enough to endure it all. With each chapter I hope it somehow touches another and gives them strength. If someone can learn from my experiences then all I endured was worth it. I always wanted someone to rescue me.. but maybe I wasnt meant to be rescued. Maybe I was meant to endure and in turn rescue someone else.
I write short stories and poetry in which I have utilized the literary bells and whistles.. :) With this though I didn't think it felt right and appropriate.. I just wanted to very plainly tell the story..This just needed to be my voice telling the story as it was...
I don't think 'why' applies in cases like this, Linda, I think it's just the luck of the draw. If there is a supposedly benevolent God up there I don't think He is twisted enough to choose one over another for some dreadful suffering (but maybe I'm wrong, who knows?). An unfair amount of nasty things seem to have befallen me over the last few years. On one occasion, in a real pissed of mood, I yelled to my wife "Why me?" and she replied " Try asking this one instead - why not?"
Hi Linda Probably don't know me,I'm new here...but just wanted to let you know how inspiring you and your story are! Natalia

Natalia :)

new blightersrock Hi! Richard glad your interested. You would need boxes hankies,if told you mine! But not going too! Listen to others,like you say, help in some way,absolutely true! Experiences. Especially Healing books read identify with. The stories,no hope no cure! But have truly amazing. Read years back! See cherries! running for you so pleased. Just got 2nd card thanks from H.M.The Queen 60th Diamond Jubilee don't know why! very nice! Hope your well. bless you julie xx
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