Heat 2 Results

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Heat 2 Results

Heat 2 Results

Everyone’s Votes are in, so the Results are being posted a day early to put Entrants out of their misery. Having to write in rhyme appears to have been a real test and the Votes are less scattered in this Heat. But there is still all to play for in the remaining Heats.


[4G 2S 1B] 12: Don’t Take Away My Sadness

[4G 1S 1B] 25: You Can’t Leave

[3G 4S 0B] 16: Time For Love

[3G 1S 3B] 24: A Disused Engineering Factory In South Birmingham

[2G 3S 3B] 4: Patty’s New Job

[2G 2S 0B] 9: Notes On The Demise Of An Industrial Scale Puppet Factory

[2G 1S 0B] 20: Pissing Up The Walls Of Dollar Hell

[2G 0S 0B] 11: American Fairground


[1G 1S 2B] 7: Single Woman In Bed With A Metaphysician

[1G 1S 2B] 14: Home Thoughts To Abroad

[1G 0S 2B] 22: Turning Years

[1G 0S 1B] 1: Out Of The Dust


[4S 1B] 10: The Circus

[2S 2B] 18: Pissed Off!

[2S 0B] 6: Taste Of Sugar

[1S 1B] 19: Co-operative Bear

[1S 1B] 21: Intercity Synchronicity


[4B] 3: A Suburban Medley

[1B] 2: You Know It

[1B] 8: Running


5: Audition

13: Years Ago

15: Don’t Interrupt My Sorrow

17: Riding My Stallion Humming Along

23: Healing Lament