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brilliant music

Brilliant music.

I love all sorts of music. The age of smart phone is truly amazing. Being able to put the head phones in and accessing all songs ever played for me uplifts my day.

I appreciate nearly all music as artistic.

I really like just now going over all pink floyds albums and if you have never listened to

Radio kaos by dave gilmour I urge you listen to this album.


Have you guys and girls have any kind of favourite music you are listening to just now.


I've got pretty eclectic tastes, but at times of stress I always go back to the music of my youth. I recently had to have an MRI scan - I'm claustrophobic so I wasn't keen - but early Beatles on the headphones got me through!

My fave Pink Floyd album is Wish You Were Here. 

Airy, hope things are well with you.

I'm fine, thanks Elsie - just doctors ruling out things 'to be on the safe side'. I'm such a wuss, but I was dead proud that I got through it with nothing more than two diazepam and my Beatles greatest hits.

Airy I too hope you are fine and that strength and wellness comes and is into your life.


Elsie my favourite floyd albums are

Momentary lapse of reason
Delicate sound of thunder
And animals

Theres so much more music I love. It keeps me sane and I reckon is good for your mental and physical health.


Let thi people sing


I respect all music...


Currently writing a story with a song on repeat play: 



Terrance tried to hit your link but blank space just appeared will try again later


I also love all 70and 80s music. I kind of love all music except some. Smart phones and the way you can just access all music and videos is just bliss and I think it is the cressendo of modern technology. Nothing beats waking up to a bit of taylor swifts shake it off first thing in the morn. Aint she a cool babe.


Your maajesty


I too enjoy many types of music. Of course it influences my writing and everything I do. We are a very musically orientated society I feel. I am not so keen on some styles I have heard in recent years, but the 1960's to the 1990's was a particularly great period of expression for music. Rock'n'roll, Blues, Rock, Pop, Heavy Rock, Punk, Soul and Funk, its all good, as is classical, jazz and musical and folk. Pink Floyd are one of my favourites.

Kurt nice to hear from a fellow pink floyd enthuisiast.