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I've always been political and so have you; but we've never HAD TO be political, because Western civilisation has been deeply secure and benign for a good half century now. We've forgotten how to be political; I don't just mean voting on a Thursday for a blue rosette or a yellow one. I mean to be actively aware that there is a political ideology that means you harm and that you must refute and challenge not simply intellectually, but also politically. 

 But, only recently have I become actively political. There is a difference. Human beings have in a social sense, evolved to be political. It is not the least bit paranoid to feel that right now, in our Western society, something horrendous is occurring in our media, politics, big tech and schools. It has wrapped itself in ‘equality’ clothing, but it means to do severe and substantial harm. ‘Woke doctrine’ has prevailed in our society, a doctrine that seems to deny the possibility of individual thought and actually rebukes any political commentary that does not obey its stringent and fiercely hypocritical oppressive orthodoxy.

It is quite unnerving, to live in a time, where genuine oppression and suppression of different ideas and thoughts is actively being pursued. Reading this now, I am sure you can recall at least one story from the last year whereby an individual was ‘no platformed’, fired from their job or made to grovel and bend the knee; for having the temerity to speak out and to speak up against this ‘Politically Correct’ tyranny. Yet the horror is not that people are being punished for having their own ideas, it is that so very little is done in the main stream political and media sphere to refute or even draw attention to this ‘Woke’ tyranny. Example, Graham Linehan was to have a speech at Oxford University about the perfidious reach of 'cancel culture'. Now, for fear of 'upsetting' students, that proposed talk on 'cancel culture' was...cancelled.

Surely, even the most docile spoon-fed Guardian reader has to pause, squint, scratch one’s head and question the motivation behind this insidious rise of anti-thought, anti-criticism? Oxford and Cambridge and most other academic institutions have become 'safe spaces' of no learning and they 'no platform' free speech. When we live in a society whereby over 45% of our Universities now fail to hold up the standards of 'free speech', do you not worry? As verified by independent bodies, which point out this alarming trend on campus and in the media. I always think of 1930's Germany. It sends a shiver down my spine, because the same techniques of intimidation, rioting, violent harassment and cultural revisionism employed by sadistic ghouls like Joseph Goebbels, are being deployed and so little is done to resist it.

It is part of a 'Woke' intolerance that has become almost a cult of automated obsequiousness. In Brussels recently, a government sponsored cultural collection at the centre of fine arts, depicted Beethoven as being Sub Saharan black male. I paused and blinked because it stunned me as it should you and I will explain, if you'll indulge me for ten minutes or so. Thomas Sowell once said...

"...there are only two types of people who don't want to talk truthfully and openly about politics; those that know they are wrong and those that feel they might be wrong..."

So, let us create a 'safe space' for debate and open discussion, because if we deny opportunities for open fair discussion today, I dread t think what type of world my young girls will not be allowed to speak in tomorrow. I am told this is 'tin foil' hat territory, but Bertrand Russel said of the rise of National Socialism in Germany...

"...I leave Europe glad and happy, for this is a nothing event, people indulge heavily in vices of hysteria and vices of the soul, both are unwise..."

This heinous 'Woke Evangelicalism' is gruelling and appalling in so many ways, but it keeps spreading, adherents keep adhering and it really should cause you to pause even for a moment. Because if it keeps happening and it is to the detriment of all, what is likely to be the culmination of this socio-political cult?

Regarding Beethoven, his family line is unambiguous, we have his complete family tree, going back to the early 15th Century. His entire genealogy is clearly Flemish in ancestry - there are rumours of his 'swarthy skin' and 'flat nose' which are derivative and racist slurs from the 19th Century, by opponents of his work and his nationality, but they have zero basis in reality. Do you think, depicting Nelson Mandela as a South East Asian would be problematic?

Yet, we are now given a black Anne Boleyn - would it be problematic if Audre Lorde was played by a blue eyed blonde haired Scandinavian model? Yet we are told not to question such things as a black Beethoven or a black Anne Boleyn, because this is done in the name of multiculturalism, it is achieved by editing out and censoring the historical authenticity of one specific culture for another.

I invite you to think about that, there truly is no justification for this kind of revisionism. Unless these people who fabricate a black Beethoven feel there is no 'black equivalent' worth celebrating in equal praise. Which is surely the purest definition of racism? Yet we must endure a black Anne Boleyn at the same time that a blonde Audre Lorde or a South East Asian Nelson Mandela is frowned upon as cultural appropriation.

This is a peculiar trope and it keeps happening. It is done in the name of 'Woke diversity' and somebody decided to not simply revise history; but to savage it completely - you'd have thought after the inhuman horrors of Nazism, European intellectuals would have lost all their passion and zeal for historical revisionism in the name of cultural and ethnic promotion.

So, I got to asking myself, what type of maniac would do this? Well, it manifests itself on the whole, in middle class people. The data is in, there is a very identifiable class of people that keep pushing this strange and toxic agenda. They are generally women but men too; yet the evidence is before us. These people are aged between 40 and 50 years old and indulge in the highest level of privilege and entitlement you could dream of - there in is part of the answer. 

They have usually attended a prestigious school of some sort; they have lived a glorious life of social privilege and political entitlement and it is in fear of losing this, that they now strive so ardently to signal their virtue.

Because, today, it seems that having privilege and expressing entitlement have suddenly become toxic assets. What to do, if you've lived your entire life with privilege and if you have constantly expressed your political entitlement; once you were distinctly immune from your own ineptitude, yet now you may be scrutinised. 

Those that have had all the historical privilege, start accusing those that have had visibly zero privilege, of indeed having a surfeit of said privilege - they accuse the 'white working classes' of somehow benefiting from historical privilege; whilst working to death in lumber mills, cotton mills and dank dirty coal mines - some kind of privilege. This egregious middle-class hypocrisy accomplishes two things...

1. It shows the world through their virtue signalling just how virtuous and good they are, Guardian newspaper in hand. Look now, see how they are actually the true victims of privilege and not the beneficiaries.

2. It deflects from the fact that in truth, it is the 'progressive' middle classes who have in reality enjoyed all the historical social and political privileges up until this point, and they've done this at the expense of absolutely everybody else and particularly the white working classes.

So, you get these vacuous and wrongheaded types desperately trying to conceal the truth of their privilege and they operate in a perpetual state of anxiety. Because they are morally superior 'liberals' and nobody has ever challenged their moral superiority before! But suddenly privilege and entitlement are wrong?

Then, in a mad panic, they start doing odd things, making odd statements, supporting odd un historical caricatures, and cringe worthy things. They aggressively promote inexplicably demented acts of cultural vandalism, revisionism and blatant appropriation. If you look at who signs off for a black Beethoven or a black Joan of Arc, it is never a black arts director or a black producer - because they are actually trying to promote black culture and genuine achievement. Not merely inserting a 'black face' via degenerate acts of malevolent virtue signalling.

It is always a white middle-class arts director or producer or writer, one suffering from the advanced mania of Caucasian Quisling Syndrome, as explained above. They start to loudly revise history for all to see, they do this to advertise how 'liberal' they are and to hopefully conceal their inherited privilege. 

Under this 'historical revisionism' we now must accept and actually applaud a black Beethoven or a black Boleyn, it's astonishing and EVERYBODY knows it's incorrect. But, if you speak out about this propaganda, you are instantly harangued as a 'racist'. It is scary. 

The fact we don't get to resist this false history, well that is what truly horrifies me and here is the most potent similarity to National Socialist GERMANY. We all know Anne Boleyn was not black and yet for fear of being labelled a 'racist' we accept it. So is the onset of this Caucasian Quisling Syndrome (CQS), we are not rational beings anymore, we are in a hyper state of panic and anything is possible now.

These suffers of Caucasian Quisling Syndrome operate in constant fear of having their grotesque morals rebuked and or their privilege questioned publicly. Worse than that, they stand to lose their privileged status and this provokes in them a madness. Unbeknownst to them, they are actually dismissing genuine black history and black achievements, it's the strangest thing and I am baffled by it. 

I find it peculiar how white middle class art types, directors and writers will happily replace a genuine historic white Beethoven for a false black one and they don't see how ruinous, dismissive and ultimately racist this is to black cultural authenticity.

The grim truth is that these types of revisionist gimmicks and deliberate falsification of history, do more harm than good - isn't it always the same with these virtue signalling elites, they are part of the problem, they are not part of the solution.

Because by removing a historical white figure and shoe horning in a black actor, it devalues genuine black history and cultural excellence. Because they are saying

' have no genius of your own, so borrow one of ours...'

It's criminal and it hurts both cultures and its violently racist. But who comes out of all this chaos, bitterness and mayhem unscathed, who is never held accountable - the middle-class clown who set the ruinous circus in motion to begin with; oh no, they are immune from responsibility and they just get a very nice job at the BBC.