Heat 1 Results

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Heat 1 Results


Congratulations to everyone who took part and submitted such a wide variety of poems from the same prompts. This was reflected in the votes, with no two Entrants voting exactly the same. Though there is a clear winner of this Heat, it is not a runaway victory and everyone is still very much in contention.


[5G 2S 3B] 11: Fox Shade

[3G 3S 2B] 9: Sonnet For Mia

[2G 3S 0B] 16: Stand Up

[2G 2S 2B] 5: Memories

[2G 1S 1B] 3: Leave Me Alone


[1G 1S 4B] 24: She Takes Her Clothes Off

[1G 1S 3B] 6: A Rubbing Of The Sun

[1G 1S 1B] 17: Five Instances of Water and Memory

[1G 1S 1B] 18: Walking

[1G 1S 1B] 23: Girl With A Silver Tongue

[1G 1S 0B] 15: Solo

[1G 1S 0B] 21: Performance

[1G 1S 0B] 22: Where Is My Heathcliff?

[1G 0S 2B] 19: Surrounded But Alone

[1G 0S 0B] 10: Morals Of An Alley Cat

[1G 0S 0B] 26: An Over-used Metaphor As A Way Of Talking About Insecurity And The Craving For Affirmation


[1S 2B] 20: Dickinsonesque

[1S 1B] 12: Memory

[1S 0B] 8: Blasting Cap

[1S 0B] 13: Random-Access Memory

[1S 0B] 25: Memory


[1B] 1: Lonely As A Rose


2: Selective Memory

4: Hero

14: Today, As In The Days Of David...


7: Ah! Guillaume, Guillaume!