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Website looks fantastic

I have been on and off ABC tales for a few years now and I just wanted to say that the new website looks great and a million times better than the old one.




Technical Q?

I have passed the  " awaiting moderation. This is a 24h measure..."  by a few days now.

My  thank you to the Eds for awarding me a cherry for 'Memory tree' hasn't appeared as yet, plus my thanks to Bee who kindly commented on same.

My thanks to Hudsonmoon (Rich) worked ok re, ' Show time'  and can be read.

Have I pressed the wrong button or something?

PS. I want to ensure I can visit other writer's  work  and post comments


It's lovely innit...such a soothing shade on the eyes and much more intuitive to use. Thanks abctales for all you do! xx


I agree the shade is very soothing and it gives me  a nice warm feeling when I log on.  Still learning about all the new functions but I feel I m getting there and somebody is to be congratulated so whoever you are and Luke of course big pat on the back from me.



Anyone having trouble reading the thin font? 


Its a pretty font -- but tough on the eyes for me. Bit of a strain to see. 


(it could just be my contrast settings)

The problem has already been highlighted.


Been away for a couple of years as I really didn't get on with the old style site. This new incarnation looks much, much better! I think now, I'll stick around. 

Tipp Hex


This site looks great since I took a leave. Time to get some more work posted. Hi everybody!

Richard L. Provencher

I'm glad you are all enjoying the new incarnation of the site! Your feedback is very much appreciated — we'll keep working on it over the next few weeks (and months) to try to get it just right. It's a slow process but I feel that we've already made major strides.

Torscot - I'm sorry your authentication was delayed. You are a trusted user now - and I'll look into why the authentication was delayed. It should authenticate new users after twenty-four hours. 

White Dwarf - we'll be working on the font and the contrast with the background over the next few days. We've already made the text darker, and we'll be changing the background colours until it stands out properly, but I hope that we've already gotten closer.

Please don't hestitate to get in touch or add to this thread with more comments and feedback!

All the best,

Luke and the ABCtales team. 

Yes -- the text is standing out much better. Cheers. 


I agree - the site looks and feels great. 

Keep darkening the font and tinkering with the contrast.


Still having troubles with the font? We are pretty much at black on white, now, so I'm not sure what more we can do with contrast. Maybe we should think about trying a new font that is thicker.

It's definitely better Luke.  My eye sight is not the best. 


It's certainly not a problem for me, the font is fine, much more elegant than some thick-lined clog wearing font tramping all over my screen.   

Tipp Hex


One thing worth trying is changing the zoom settings on your browser (if you haven't done so already). You can push ctrl (or Cmd, if you have a mac) and + or - to change the size of the text, and push ctrl+0 to return to the normal settings. We'll keep working on this until we get it just right.

Would making the text bold be a solution?


Is the site experiencing problems? In my account I can only see half my stories, (those in my collections) and a new story just published doesn't appear on the new story page? 


Tipp Hex


Thanks for flagging that up Photon. We've had a few glitches following a new module - looking into it now.

Luigi - emboldening the font - or choosing a font that is slightly more bold - may be the solution.

It's better, but still light enough to make me have to squint. V tiring on the ol' peepers. Bold is a bit :) I do the zoom thing, but it's a bit of a nuiscance and it still seems faint - just larger:) Perhaps, as you say, a thicker font, although the current one is quite nice.

Another thing - there seems to be no spellcheck here in the forum box, and my built-in spellcheck doesn't work on here, no idea why. I have terrible trouble spelling things, and embarrased and suchlike..

I note the slightly lobster-ish flesh colour has now changed to a much lighter hue, which is far nicer imo.

Good point, Andrea. We'll have to experiment with some new font options. I'll think on it. It's odd that the comment editor is different from the story editor - I'll have a look into that, too. And yes - I much prefer this colour scheme as well!

The new website look is great - well done to all involved. The only thing that I question a bit is that when you hit the return button, you get quite a lot of leading before the next line - fine for prose of course, but not so great for when one is needing to end a line and start a next, but all part of the same sentence, when attemptng a bit of poetical phallooly.

You see - I just hit return and look what happened!!

One thing that I found a bit too disciplined about the old website look and feel is that one couldn't readily get a line to start to some degree indented, when wanting to be a bit soacy on the page and a bit Eliotty. Let's see what happens here if I hit return and hit the space bar a few rtimes, thus:



I agree that the automatic double-space can be annoying. One way to get around it is to push shift+enter, but I'll see if we can't just change the automatic settings. 

I haven't noticed the forum link error, Ben - I'll play with it and hopefully we'll be able to get it right. It's all in the details - thanks for letting me know!


I have come across a new idiosyncracy, the title of my latest poem is split over two lines like this               A

Good Sport.

Also I can preview a story after editing it but not when new.



Hey Luigi,

'A Good Sport' is working properly for me: But maybe this is a problem with the browser you're using? Can I ask if you're using Internet Explorer?

There are a lot of bugs in the preview module we had, which we are trying to work out. Hopefully we can rework this one or get a new one that works properly. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Thanks for your reply Luke. The browser I am using is Mozilla Firefox. The problem I am experiencing is with pieces whose title begins with an 'A'. I have tried using Internet Explorer and there the title shows OK but other features are not good so I am sticking with Firefox.

As you say there are a lot of bugs and the more I look the more I seem to find. For instance I have underlined the word 'seem' but when the comment is saved the underline is not there.


I had a go with Firefox, and it looks alright from my computer. Still, we have been having a few problems with our updated text editor, so I'll have our developer look into it, Luigi! Sorry for all the bugs - it must be very frustrating to run across so many! But we'll get them worked out soon.

Don't worry Luke, I had fun and games with my PC this morning so those little bugs are not a big thing for me. Many thanks for all your efforts.

P.S. I had another look just now at that poem ( A Good Sport) and the title is correctly aligned. surprise