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human rights issues

My friend lives in supported housing, she has lived here for seven years she was doing very welll then two years ago her partner died and recently the supported housing association said she would sign another two years tenancy but recently out of the blue the housing associTion has said that she has to be out of her flat by 4 december. She is 53 clearly of bad health and ready to get on with her life after the grieving period.

What rights has she.

Is there anything she can do because she has not signed the new. Two year agreement.

Surely they can not just come in without court papers change her locks and leave her homeless. It is a charitable housing association all her rent is paid up.

Cause she never signed new tenancy has she any powers to halt this eviction and at least have the facts of the eviction heard in court.

Please give me advice.

Please this women will.die if evicted. She has paid her rent they have given her just two weeks notice.

Please celtic man please give me advice a womens life is on the line. It is london

Surely they need court. Papers to evict her from a charitable housing association. She has paid her rent.

What an awful and worrying situation for her, and how nice of you to try to help.

This is the best place to go for housing advice:

Also the CAB. But I'd try Shelter first. Good luck - I hope it gets resolved!


My friend she love you. Thank you. She is reallly in need of help. She is a true artist. If you seen this girls creative work it would be in a museum.

She just you are in her prayers. Please dont lett this women get evicted. Please guys what theyre doing to her is wrong. She has to stop chemotherapry through the stress. Because she has dog which is beutiful she rescued it and tamed it to be a loving animal. If they evict her she will find it hard to get housed anywere and she will die on the streets.

Please guys watch this post. Last year her partner died and someone tried to rape her. We have mental issues. What this housing organisation is doing is illegal and we need to stop this eviction. We are in east london.I am the only support she has got they are. Picking on her because she is dyslexic this why I help. Any other advice.

She is 52 years old and needs urgent chemotherapy. If she is evicted on to streets she will die.

I keep this post live.

Stephen d

Let us know how things go with Shelter - and also perhaps try contacting your MP? xx


Yes I am trying to find the strength to write to dianne abbot our local mp to make sure this eviction is stopped.

The housing organisation involved in evicting this sick women is registered as a charity. This is a scandal. They only can get away with this because the women can not read or write. It is meant to be a supported housing building but they do not support people. They treat the people in this building like they are stupid and have no human rights. I am not going to say there name just now but this eviction must be stoppped. She has no rent arrears. Initially when she moved in they agreed she could keep her dog I feel they are going to use this as an excuse to evict her. It is disgracefull she can not read or write properly is in. Very bad health and the stress of this has stopped her chemotherapy. It is a strange charity. She has had issues with alcohol and drugs but is a nice person whho is very creative aand working on starting a buisness to design clothes for dogs and other creative ideas. They put people in this complex because they have support needs. All come from homelesssness then when they want they give a short notice of eviction stating no reason even if understanding the person could loose there life.

I hope theey have a change of heart.

Stephen d

It is a daily fight against those intent on acts of evil.

Please help julie please.

Stephen d

May good god guide us.

Stephen d


Stephen d

Some one tried to rape her last year luckily her dog faught the masked man off. How horrible life can be

Stephen d

Sorry I was blubbering

Stephen d

Sorry I was blubberin

Stephen d

But sorry I ramble on julie can not be left dead on streets of london. It has to be stopped.

Stephen d

Is it possible for your friend make an appointment to go into the office and sign the new two year tenancy agreement?

Hope things get better for her. Best wishes, Elsie

Thank you for your helpful responses. The women is my neighbour and when I heard what was happening to her it shocked me that this kind of stuff is happening. I can only do so much I have mental health isssues which dont make me the best spokesperson. I have tried to help but can only do so much gin.december she will get into some kind of shelter. Her big issue is she has a dog she loves and will not part with it which I understand. Good gods grace things will be ok for her. The uk and especially I feel that london is one of the most charitable citys in the world. I hope they find charity.for julie. Given the chance and proper support she would be a wonderful.creative person with something to give to life. We all make mistakes and as long as life exists there is the chance of positive change.

I have managed to.stop using crack cocaine and heroin and am clean now. I not drink either. Miracles can happen. People can change.

Good god guide us and forgive us for our shame.

Thank you.

Stephen d

your housing associating is a business. A sick business. I don't have any answers, but we know how the world works. Your frined is invisible. Invisible people have no leverage, no power. Try and find out if there are any local activists and/ or advocates that will represent her. Citizen Advice is a starting point. Go with insert's advice. Expect nothing. Those at the bottom rarely come out on top. There'a s morality issue. But immorality is trumped by legality and a shrinking time frame. I fear the worst. Make the maxiumun noice and cause the maximum discomfort to this housing association. Name them and shame them. A good place to start with by Facebook. Try groups such as Nick Fowles. Hope not Hate. Good luck man. My sympathy to this poor woman. 


Thank you celticman. They are the few. We are the many. We neeed to stand up and speak up when we see suffering. We will win eventually.we have the internet a tool which can have our voices heard. Thank you for your comment. Good god bless.

Stephen d