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Alright... so I have this story idea in my head. It's about a soldier that wakes up in the middle of the woods somewhere, with serious injuries, and he can't remember who he is, where he is, or why he's there.

What I'm wondering is--is it at all possible to tell a story entirely from the first person's thoughts? I mean, without ever stepping out of that perspective even for a second. Could that work? Would it be any good? Has it ever been done?

I'm thinking this soldier runs into wild animals along the way, and he has to deal with enemy soldiers and so on and so forth.

EDIT: I keep asking stupid questions... get used to it! I'm new to this sh!t! blush

first peson pespective can work and does work but is a lot of work keeping it from drifting int a uniform sameness. Readers like to hear other voices, other points of view. You'd need to give other characters a voice through direct speech and action. 


That's exactly what I keep thinking, but in this story there would be no other characters until the very end. It's sort of a journey of discovery of oneself and one's nature. I get stuck on the first line, though. How to describe someone waking up in pain through their own thoughts? I've never read anything up this alley, and I'm wondering if maybe there's a good reason why... you know? At the very least, I think this might be a challenge. At the most... entirely impossible. cheeky

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Jack's right on all counts.  For first person perspective see 'The Hunger Games'.


Or Great Expectations, King Solomon's Mines, We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves... Etc



Cool. Thanks guys. yes

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