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Summary and word count

I have noticed there is now a word count restriction of 2500 words per piece of work submitted but my piece is more than that. Have I got this right and  also there is a section where the writer can submit a summary?  How does that work.?

Excuse my ignorance but I haven't been on the site much lately.


That word count limit has been in place fro quite a long time now, Moya.  It means that we arn't overwhelmed and can give everything that's posted its deserved, thorough attention.  There were instances of people posting 70k (novel length) pieces.  

If your piece exceeds the allowance as you say it does try to find appropriate sections to post discretely and give the title a number like my Daniel pieces (Daniel 1: The Vestry etc).  The summary could appear separately or at the start of the first section and simply give it a title as such with maybe two returns or a centred asterisk like this one:


I hope that helps.
PS. Ah, the asterisk won't centre in a comment thread but it will in the body of your text on your edit page and be correct when you save the piece.


Thank you, Peter,

I just hadn't noticed the word count restriction before but it makes sense.