ABCtales Magazine: 10th Anniversary

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ABCtales Magazine: 10th Anniversary



Back in 2006, Ben Ingber edited the first 3 issues of ABCtales Magazine, which were available to download on the now defunct etribes website.

I took over the editorial reins in 2007 with issue #4 and began a steep learning curve in what is entailed in creating a semi-regular publication.

First with etribes, then with Google and finally with Lulu, I continued to produce the Magazine until 2011, finishing with issue #24.

None of them have been available for some years now. But on recently re-reading my backup copies, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality, imagination and freshness of their contents.

I therefore decided to re-issue them in quality paperback omnibus editions in the hope that others may rediscover and enjoy them again themselves in this anniversary year.

Presently, they are available here:

In the New Year, they will appear on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.

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Now becoming available from other booksellers: