Columns - fifth or any ordinal you choose

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Columns - fifth or any ordinal you choose

Does anyone know if there's a way to post a piece with 2 columns?

I have something on the stocks that would really benefit from the two-columnular approach.

Very grateful for any assistance.


Have you tried creating a 2-column table in word. Then cut and paste into your post on here. Doesn't work for comments but I'm sure it works for postings.

Actually it doesn't - I've just tried it. Only other thing I can think of is to paste it in as a jpeg or something.

Thanks scorpio. I'm stumped as well. Maybe a jpeg, yes.

Parson Thru

I think I tried when we were to try to do a 'cleave poem' for IP about 5 years ago, but ended up just indenting and italicising the secondary part in one vertical column. I think you can put the same number of spaces between the two first lines, the two second lines etc and it will probably stay in 2 columns, but may not stay neat! Rhiannon

When we did visual poetry some time ago, I think I pasted it as a pdf, but I can't remember clearly now. Rhiannon


Thanks Rhiannon. Very kind of you both to help. I might try the jpeg or pdf option. xx

Parson Thru