Wrong Type of Democracy!

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Wrong Type of Democracy!

Politics is a dirty word, especially if you have the audacity to hold a political belief that somebody else disagrees with. I have been observing this Brexit fiasco for some time, and one thing astounds and perturbs me beyond belief. We have entered the era of the ‘wrong type of democracy’.

There is a very evident and pernicious snobbery at work in British politics. A cabal of self-styled elites don't necessarily even want the EU, but they really don't want you to have your Brexit. The sheer sense of political entitlement runs me cold. This idea, that if somebody votes in a way that upsets you, if they possess the temerity to vote and think differently. It is morally permissible to not only reverse their choice, but to ridicule it. This is a very pompous and egregious kind of tyranny, it worries me greatly.

MP's have proven themselves to be inept self-serving mongrels, corrupt almost to the last. But we elect them - we are to blame! The apathetic bloody electorate, admonished when we don't vote, ignored when we do. I do not blame the millions upon millions of us that embrace apathy toward open democracy. Because when we do vote, in enthusiastic and historic numbers. The Guardian and Owen Jones, promptly informs us in no uncertain terms, that we voted for the ‘wrong kind of democracy’. I worry, because if it is permissible to disenfranchise 17+million voters, where does it end, can there be any kind of validity in the elections of tomorrow?

By rejecting the deal offered by Strasbourg/Brussels, and by rejecting a ‘No Deal’ scenario, the House of Commons has essentially vetoed the referendum result. Both Labour and the Tory party ran in the last General Election on a mandate to deliver Brexit. Nobody voted for the Liberal Democrats who promised to scrap Brexit, or at least enforce a second, third, fourth referrendum. So the elected House is operating without mandate and worse, againt their own electoral manifesto's. They have voted for a stealth Remain, so we have democracy by proxy, just like the EU mechanism which serives to alienate voters, not embrace them. The corosive shabby mob of life time MP's, have without the direct consent of the mass participating electorate; dismissed the wishes of the mass pariticpating electorate.

Is this any kind of recognisable democracy? Some call for a second referendum, because the first one upset their feelings. But, if Remain were to win, which is not certain, then surely in the scenario of a 1-1 draw, a third will be required and if the result of the third is not quite what The Guardian want do we have a fourth - and so further we fall down the rabbit hole of Guardian inspired political entitlement. I focus on the Guardian, because of all the media platforms, I find this one to be the most dishonest and sadly truth is no longer sacred, but ideology is. 

The EU needs the UK, because the EU can't afford its own largesse. A substantial trade deficit exists between the UK and the EU. This deficit is growing ever more expansive. The number 44% was cited a lot during the EU Referendum and indeed recently by Soubry. This being the percentage of UK trade with the EU.

In reality, this number is actually a 2015 figure just for exports of goods and services. The 2016 figure was 43%, worth about £241bn, and it has indeed fallen from about 54% in 2006, this decline is trend shows no signs of slowing. This deficit continues and it is predicted to fall still further, the reality is the EU is not a very competitive market and the UK is looking elsewhere. In 2017, the Institute for Economic Affairs (IEA) suggested that this deficit might be as low as 35% come 2019, this was pre-Brexit referrendum result. The European Policy Centre warned that the loss of free access to the UK market, would be a considerable detriment to Europe, especially given that the EU is the worst performing economic bloc on the planet. The UK has a robust and attractrive economic infrastructure, the same can not be said for any other EU nation, other than the colossus that is Germany.

The EU spends more than it generates; so if you earn £900 a month, but spend £10,000 a month, you have an idea of what the EU books look like, hence why they never pass their own internal audit. Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Portugal, these are not thriving economies, the Euro has dealt them a very poor hand; but the ECF keeps them afloat. If they were thriving economies, their citizens would not want to leave, being so desperate to find work elsewhere, surely? But we are repeatedly told the UK will collapse after Brexit, yet in reality, if you put aside the odious and repugnant Guardian propaganda, if you just for one moment and do some research, you’ll find the reverse is clearly true. So why the deception?

The EU placates member states with fiscal bribes from the European Central Fund. The ECF of which the UK is the second largest NET contributor, finances the EU project. The EU can ill afford to continue with its largesse once the UK withdraws. But, no single EU state will pay in more, and this is why the EU is so aggressively seeking to not merely delay Brexit, by offering a painfully dour deal. But the EU actually seeks to irradiate the very idea of Brexit from accepted history. George Orwell would understand fully the process at work here.

So, if you take out Britain's billions, who will make up the catastrophic short fall, that massive budgetary gap? The Netherlands, Denmark, Austria and Sweden - who are known as the “frugal four” - have refused to stump up any more cash to prop up the bloc in the wake of the UK’s departure. The EU has cashed too many cheques, broken too many promises and now finds itself in a very precarious position.

France won't.can't pay more into the ECF, especially given the nation is in a state of social unrest and Macron is behaving like a dictator, not a popular man by all accounts. Italy is on the brink of recession and so logically can't pay more, and many other nations don’t like paying in at all, I'm looking at you Poland – so that leaves...Greece? Maybe Greece has a few billion drachma hidden under somebody's mattress?

The Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini claimed he would never allow the EU to impose new taxes on member states as he revealed he was aware Brussels was working to come up with a solution to the Brexit budget shortfall by trying to impose a new European tax. Juncker himself complained about the recalcitrant nature of EU member states. 

The EU is not merely failing, it has failed. But, history shows us, that empires don't die quietly, ther rage, rage against the dying light. A minority elite always have a very potent interest in maintaining the 'status quo' of empire, the British understand this well. The 'status quo' often, oddly enough favours those with power over those with poverty, who'd a thought?

The EU is impotent, the EU could not stop Russia from annexing the Crimea from the Ukraine. Germany still purchases over 70% of its natural gas requirements from Russia, so no serious sanctions were ever put into place. The EU couldn't prevent the immigration catastrophe that saw millions of illegal migrants enter Europe. This crisis, direclty prompted Italy, Austria and Hungary to become ever more hard line and Eurosceptic. Just what central Europe needs, more Right wing leaning governments. But, people seem to not trust the status quo, but who is very much in favour of the status quo - therein is the great EU deception.

The EU is apparently the 'best of all possible worlds' some kind of Panglossian Utopia; not for Poland, Hungary, Greece, Italy, France etc etc, strange how the UK is one dark satanic mill and the EU is a 'Disneyland of opporutnity' yet EU citizens year on year, have chosen to work and have families the UK; something does not add up economically or ideologically. So here we have the age of the 'wrong type of democracy', I fear it is upon us, especially when the UK glibly disenfranchises 17+million people. You can almost, but not quite, but almost understand why some electorates in Europe are rejecting mainstream politics and turning ever more to the Far Right.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

President of the Euro Summit, Donald Tusk.

President of the Eurogroup, Jeroen Dijsselbloem.

President of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi.

President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz

Which one did you direclty vote for? Which of these offices did you direclty have a democratic hand in filling? The EU is not good for democacy, but it is good for Germany and it is good for the autocratic elites like the men mentioned above, who have only ever known absolute sublime luxury. They govern without mandate, not one of the five has never stood in any kind of recognisable election.

A truth sad, but no less poignant is this, that which you don't directly elect to power, you can't directly remove from power – so a tyranny then?

Just by way of trying to create some kind of normal exchange of views. I am not the least be vindictive or zeaous when it comes to discussing this Brexit phenomena. Feel free to disagree, open debate is just as vital to democracy as ballot box numbers. 

A good article! Some well expressed facts, statistics and thoughts on the European Union. May well help more of us to make up our minds, or understand all of the issues.

I suppose you prefer to disenfranchise the other 16.1millon voters. 

I live in Europe and worked for a European company helping to set up a UK division which now employs UK nationals and pays good taxes to the UK government, but I couldn't vote because I lived out of the UK for over three years even though I traveled to the UK nearly every week. 

So where is the democracy in that? Did the government assume we don't care about the UK and would automatically vote to stay (which they certainly would not in many cases). That is the wrong kind of democracy.

For me, I don't care anymore what happens, the MPs are totally useless, but with such a close result it's not really surprising nothing can be decided. as an individual, I just want something concrete to happen so I know as an Ex-pat where I stand and what plans I need to make. Having this hanging over me for three years is unsettling, expensive and very unfair on those like me. 

People forget how important the EU is for security (even Winston Churchill knew that) and it is the lack of any kind of memory in the UK and the rest of the EU that is leading to its problems.  Abandoning it like a pack of selfish rats won't help anybody. 

The Russians are playing a waiting game and your brexiteers are helping to shorten their wait. The phrase 'short sighted' doesn't begin to cover it.