Caucasian Quisling Syndrome

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Caucasian Quisling Syndrome

An Essay of Despair.

Caucasian Quisling Syndrome is when for fear of being accused of thinking independently and contrary to 'Woke' orthodoxy, you passionately and earnestly declare your loyalty to the doctrines, even if it means deriding your own ethnic historical authenticity. You will do this terrible thing, as often as is humanly possible on social media, preferably on social media. Indeed, ‘Woke Cultism’ is fuelling the single greatest and most aggressive suppression of ‘free speech’ this democracy has ever encountered. Adherents to ‘Woke Orthodoxy’ are most numerous in the Western World, it seems China and Saudi Arabia are not keen on this modern doctrine of obedience. Which surprises me, you'd think they of all regimes would welcome such slavish devotion with minimal critical thought applied. 

These adherents to 'Woke Authoritarianism' these otherwise ordinary people exhibit the deepest symptoms of historical revisionism, ethnic denial and a potent phobia to reality. Not unlike National Socialist zealots of the 1930’s, the parallels are very uncomfortable. We have gotten to the point, where to even write something like 'white working man' will provoke a toxic and vicious response. You’ll be hounded by these Woke Extremists, because somehow, they feel their right to froth and rage is legitimate but your right to be different and hold a different world view is totally wrong!

We live in a peculiar time, where Universities are encouraging students to burn books and aggressively intimidate invited speakers and all opposition to the doctrine of 'Woke' obedience. We had a Cambridge academic tweet...

“…white lives don’t matter…”

This lady knew, that because of her ethnicity, she would not face any kind of criticism or police involvement. A BBC 'comedian' hilariously joked about

"...killing whitey..."

Once again, 'Woke' doctrine insists that BAME cannot be racist, especially when they are being overtly racist, but disguising it as 'humour' or better still 'irony'. Both these women were met with rapturous praise; such opinions as '...white lives don't matter...' and '...kill whitey...' are now accepted in the main stream thought machine. If you are of the 'correct' ethnicity and gender you can literally say anything. Yet, once again vision of 1930’s Germany confront us, it is so blatant as to be almost missed. 

Kristen Clarke, is a woman of colour. She has been chosen by Biden (president Elect of the USA) to run the 'Civil Rights' division of the Justice Department, a very powerful and influential post in American government. Kristen, advocates passionately that 'black people' and 'white people' have noticeable genetic differences. She quotes heavily from 'Doctor' Richard King, a man she praises and a man she advances often as being a visionary, in his 'self-published' book (not peer reviewed) she fully adheres to his thinking (however unscientific) and she quotes him saying...

"...Melanin endows Blacks with greater mental, physical and spiritual abilities—something which cannot be measured based on Eurocentric standards..."

If you passionately and lovingly quote Adolf Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' would you say this in some aligns you with his world view? So, when Mr King, propose his theories on 'black melanin' ethnic supremacy, akin to what the National Socialists were advocating for Aryans in the early 20th Century and Kristen Clarke quotes him; surely it can be taken as a given, that she believes what he advances as being somehow 'scientific' proof of 'black supremacy'. Now, this ethnic supremacy rhetoric, is not being proliferated by the Klu Klux Klan or some random Neo Nazi hate group, this is an American woman, of colour, who is now going to run a sizeable division in the Justice Department, in Joe Biden's administration for the next FOUR years. Kristen Clarke, goes on to inform us that…

“…human mental processes are controlled by melanin—that same chemical which gives Blacks (Aryans)* their superior physical and mental abilities…”

I feel, this is more proof, that today, there exists in the Western academic, politics and the media, a rarefied class of people. A racist cabal of extremist ethno-supremacists that appear beyond common rebuke. They happily and repeatedly cast racial aspersions against White people and Asian people and they are promoted and applauded. The rise of this ‘Woke Orthodoxy’ of thought is not subtle it is ferocious and people cower before it, hide away from it and will not openly denounce it. So, once again, visions of National Socialist Germany are staggering comparable. As a peculiar new class, these 'Woke Zealots' have no talents, no history, no identity, no loyalty, but they do have remarkable amounts of political privilege and social entitlement. 

*Note: I added the 'Aryan' into that sentence, because it is so similar to the polemics of National Socialist eugenicists. This woman has never been challenged on these woeful and pernicious ideas about racial disparities and black genetic superiority, not once has she been challenged in the main stream media, indeed she has just been promoted into a very well paid and poweful post. She has never apologised for her overt racism because it would appear a certain section of our society do not need to apologise for their racism. 

'Woke Evangelicals' know they indulge in privilege because despite the absence of any worthwhile morals or skills, these middle class Woke zealots dominate higher education, the civil service and the main stream media and certain political parties in the UK. Those with the most privilege and the least intellectual merit, are dominating the narrative and I tire in drawing this comparison, but when you permit vile bigoted unintelligent zealots to dominate political discourse at the expense of rationality, the result is rarely if ever agreeable. Since the industrial revolution we’ve seen the growth of a perfidious trend of middle class ‘intellectual’ snobbery. It has become a very distinct and identifiable social schism, best identified with the Brexit debate. Out of the modern middle classes arises a conundrum of hypocrisy that threatens to poison classic Western Liberalism.

The middle class endorse ‘Wokism’ because they will enthusiastically vouch for any social trend, warped ideology or grievous religion that seems to best further the continuation of middle-class prosperity. Any perceived threat, imagined or real is ‘no platformed’ it is always to be stamped out. To dissent, is to be blocked and harangued, until you publicly denounce your own thoughts and reverse yourself entirely – this does sound oddly familiar and if you can’t see the obvious pattern, I can’t really illustrate it any clearer.

Privilege is the fundamental tenet of the Woke middle-class doctrine; because who doesn’t want privilege, by its very nature, it affords you comfort and your progeny also bask in this. When and where did the ‘white working class’ ever indulge in copious political and social privilege – perishing on a battlefield at 18 or choking to death in a dank and dirty Northern mine; a lone mother starving to death in a terraced house with no hot water or heating is this the ‘historical privilege’ the middle classes damn us with?

They accuse the ‘working class’ whilst they themselves, the ‘intellectual elite’ within the middle classes jealously horde true privilege. Because, they see themselves as the intellectual progenitors of all 'morality'. But you can't possess so much obvious economic privilege and political entitlement without coming under some scrutiny at some point. So, what is to be done, well to avoid in part, but mainly to deflect the inevitable scrutiny, the middle class assume the cheap façade of 'social justice' or more accurately Caviar Communism.

Jeremy Corbyn and every single hard left-wing University lecturer subscribe to this new oppressive ‘Woke’ agenda, they don’t believe in it, but they subscribe to it publicly, for political gain. The Woke middle class now operate in a kind of severe purgatory. They are flushed with pomposity and corrupted by denial of their own historical privilege. Yet as always, if you demonise those without, for having too much of that which they have never possessed, you will invoke social anarchy and political protest.

So, we have Brexit and we have the historic Tory Commons majority, which is in part a cultural expression of dissent. So, when the white working classes, in no uncertain terms, reject the toxic doctrine of ‘Woke Zealotry’ we see and read the horrendous bigotry that explodes across the ‘enlightened’ BBC and pages of the ‘intolerant’ Guardian. The ‘Woke Agenda’ is one grim patronising meme. Woke Evangelicals dismiss all political voices that don’t best mimic their own consensus of opinion. They, immediately and smugly shake their heads and arrogantly explain to the working class why the free choice votes of the working class and their free formed thoughts are actually in opposition to the interests of the said working class. Apparently, they know our minds better than we do, and so it is that now we live in the 'wrong' type of democracy, because we keep voting ‘incorrectly’.

This phenomenon of toxic ‘Woke’ entitlement, only occurs in the affluent, advanced, Western democracies. Where we are now seeing the rise of a very insidious ‘black supremacy’ movement. Nick Cannon, Kirsten Clarke and others, each with a potent and sizeable platform to express their views. Views that are nasty and appalling, inhuman and absolutely racist in their racist core polemics. It appears the freer a society becomes; the more apparent middle-class privilege becomes and the more ardent they are to conceal it. But, in China and Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia they have no equivalent disease, it is not something they must contend with. Free market Christian capitalism and European ingenuity and imperialism, built the foundation upon which the modern middle classes operate. Yet, we are being told that those two pillars of modern liberalism are in fact the enemy of freedom. If you are not afraid, you haven’t been paying attention.

Christian Capitalism and European hegemony, are not moral dice to be thrown in the hopes of favourable numbers. Humanity has seen numerous cultures rise and fall, the fact our position is Eurocentric is no more toxic than the Chinese having a Sinocentric world view. Historically speaking, Europe has dominated human civilisation for a minuscule amount of time, you can confidently start at the 18th Century and run through the 19th and arrive at the mid to late 20th century. This is not toxic nor racist, much in the same way earlier eras of human civilisation were dominated by different cultures and upon this as a species we have constructed the modern Western world.

This modern world is more prosperous, for more people today, in real identifiable terms, has progressed by and large to the betterment of all Mankind. Not every single human, of course not, this is not a utopia and nobody said it was or could be - only Marxists make that future claim and it is a toxic delusion; simply name on Communist state that has flourished and prevailed, leading the world in freedom and technological innovation - name just one! It is demonstrable, that more people have been removed from REAL poverty in these early stages of the 21st Century than at any other time in human history; this is as solid a truth as you can hope to find. But we are overly entitled and bitterly privileged as a society - so minor hardships are now treated as grievous insurmountable catastrophe. Example, recently, in the UK the government sent 'food parcels' home so that children attending primary schools could continue with their free school lunches. These parcels would contain a fruit, a pre portioned bag of rice/pasta (it is for a child, portion control) maybe some frozen vegetables, some frozen but cooked meat, a little cake mixture and all you need do is add an egg and some water. Free food, the UK government in a global pandemic, wanted this to happen and it has nothing to do with a pampered millionaire princess footballer.

This program was available in March 2020, it is the free food the government promised for a child during a pandemic. Parents, actually complained...because the free food for their child was insufficient in quantity, how is this so - I couldn't say, is McDonalds better value for money?  But the largest complaint came in the form of that, the parent was required to actually cook the food, not completely but in part, sometimes pasta needs boiling. This is our modern Western poverty; indolent parents complain about free food and millionaire footballers with property empires taking praise for simply looking sincere.

If you don’t’ agree that human civilisation has been on an upward curve, adding to the comfort and prosperity of more humans than at any other time in recorded human affairs. Please, do feel free to abandon the internet, trash your technology and reject space exploration and refuse any product containing penicillin, cut yourself off from mains technology and go dig coal for ten hours a day in a dank dirty mine in Lancashire. Christian ideology and Western ingenuity and Capitalism have built this modern prosperous Europe, it is the magnet that draws in the worlds destitute, hungry and oppressed.

The concept of Christian Capitalism has long supported middle-class prosperity and the point is. The middle class long supported Christian Capitalism when it was in their best interest to do so. But in this age of 'critical race theory' the middle class have been quick to publicly denounce Christian Capitalism and European hegemony, they’ve replaced it with ‘Wokism’. So, the middle classes 'faux rage' against Capitalism and Christianity, is smoke and mirrors, opportunism. It must be seen to attack those cultural ideals which have quietly sustained them, for so long. It’s astonishing that such an intellectual endeavour should be attempted, but history has many such examples. From the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia to Germany in the mid-20th Century to China’s ‘great leap forward’. What is most apparent and most worrying is the truth that. There truly is no absurdity to which people won’t buy into; if you apply the right amount of intimidation and guilt persuasion.

The primary focus of ‘Wokism’ is to dismantle the modern Western world, break it all down because they feel it is a tyranny. Precisely the same Western world millions of migrants are desperate to enter each year. It is mind boggling that ‘Woke Zealots’ will claim the West is unjust and xenophobic and has been throughout history. Yet they also entreat governments to permit ever more migrants to be permitted into this prejudicial and oppressive world – really? It doesn’t make sense does it?

Woke Evangelicals are ungrateful, spiteful and subpar progeny of long-standing privilege. Which is fully ensconced in real and total political power and severe social control. Because it is the same old story, always with extremists, it is about power and control and how they may not only keep it, but expand upon it. Marxism is about power and control and classic European Liberalism has repeatedly severely and comprehensively rebuked Marxism.

In this age, it would not be unjust to say that the Labour Party and the hard-line anti Brexit fringe perfectly personify this 'Woke class' superiority complex. They feel it incumbent upon themselves, to educate you against following your own thoughts. Because naturally the Guardian goose stepping Woke classes are our social betters and political superiors. It sounds sensational, but recently Graham Linehan was asked to give a speech on his feelings about ‘cancel culture’. This was due to be held at Oxford University. Then, because of fears that it might ‘upset’ some students. A lecture about ‘cancel culture’ was cancelled also in London, a media college, banned the sale of the ‘Daily Mail’ on their campus to protect the ‘mental and emotional wellbeing of students’, so a media college, banned media – now tell me I’m being absurd and paranoid.  

Of course, nothing rattles the ‘Woke Intelligentsia’ more than when the horrible masses don't vote, as the Guardian-Independent instruct! I cite Brexit and the 2019 General Election, because they are recent, but also the evident bile and toxic vitriol that exploded from the intolerant Left was breath-taking. Communism 101, make you afraid, to speak as you want to. Because what better control is there than to control what people think privately?

The way you think and the content of your speech, is apparently now a matter of Woke inspection and scrutiny, you will be punished for ‘wrong think’. Woke advocates will educate you, violently or otherwise, to think as they do. Woe betides any soul that dare offer a contrary world view or possess the temerity to resist. They have given themselves social authority, without a social or political mandate.

Now, they feel they must edit and censor not only what you say publicly, but what you dare think privately – that his horrifying. But we can appreciate how it is an ideal short-term strategy, because it intimidates people into silence. Because thinking for oneself takes courage and 'Socialism' in the political sense has a seductive charm when it encounters the very lazy and stupid among us.

It is astonishing that these children of the middle classes gladly advertise their moral redundancy via cheap and puerile antics of violence and thuggery – if the similarities to National Socialism in the 1930’s are not hitting home yet, they never will. This process of control and power, is not an immediate dissolution of personal morality or personal honesty. It is achieved in hard to swallow segments, a gradual revision of the truth. You become eroded over time and give way to the doctrine of ‘social justice’ which is a pathology of immense seductive charm – if you are weak and afraid enough to be seduced by it.

A lack of character, is a surfeit of nihilism and these ‘Woke’ goons would have staffed concentration camps in Germany. They would have staffed gulags in Russia, they would have staffed death camps in China and Cambodia. Because today, we see these feral vicious Woke mobs willingly go burning, looting, murdering in modern America and they regurgitate the same mantra – chronology is largely redundant, they each preach to themselves this morally toxic mantra…

‘…I do this thing because I am good, therefore because I am good, this thing that I do must also be good…’

When a person, gladly employs convenient and toxic ideologies to forgive themselves of the unforgiveable, well we all invite catastrophe by quietly bending the knee and enabling this movement to grow ever stronger. So, whilst you turn away and pretend nothing vaguely troubling is occurring, they will eventually decide that something you have said is 'offensive' to them and you'll be 'no platformed'. Problem is, you kept quiet so long, there will be nobody left to defend you and come to assist and stand beside you.