CUTS 100 SERIES; 'What Are White People Superior At?'

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CUTS 100 SERIES; 'What Are White People Superior At?'

I don’t know if you are aware, but we are living in peculiar times.

People are afraid to advance even moderate opinions for fear of being censored, no platformed or assaulted.

I find that more and more, if you dare dissent from this ‘Woke’ narrative and Social Justice Warrior agenda, you invite venal tyranny upon yourself and few if any will assist you. For fear they themselves might become the next target of wrath.

Caution, that is not necessarily a bad character trait, especially if you are committing ideas, politic or otherwise to a screen for public scrutiny. I suppose, caution must work both ways, both for the content creator and the critic. But all too often, people will hysterically draw attention to the INGSOC party in George Orwell’s ‘1984’ or the Anti-Semitism scourge of the 1940’s as perpetrated by the Nazi party and affiliates cross Europe. To denigrate something you don't like, you falsely align it with something the WORLD doesn't like. So, you don't like a person’s point of view, you label them a 'Racist' or 'Nazi' or a 'phobe' of some description. It is neither cautious nor kind, or thoughtful, but it can be efficacious. 

Up until recently, it had not struck me as natural, that I myself would begin to draw parallels between 21st Century human society and the work of fiction Mr Orwell produced and the grim human horrors of National Socialism in the 1940's. It did' seem likely to me that I could reach a fever pitch of such anguish that I would draw a direct correlation, clearly, the world would/could never get so bad that I would feel this was appropriate. 

I’ve devoted a good six or so years of my life, to keenly studying history, philosophy and clinical psychology. Because I'm a little obnoxious and I have long presumed I am smarter than everybody else. I took this path with gusto, despite the fact I’m no academic. But maybe it is because I am not an academic, that this path was so appealing. Thomas Sowell said...

" creature is more ruinously set in their world views, no matter how flawed, than the anointed academic..."

I am not enlightened, I’m just a little bit afraid. Not similar to, yet not too far removed from how a Jewish business owner likely felt in the mid to late 1930's. He would sense something was amiss, something out of the ordinary, but he'd likely, quietly simply, hope for the best, telling his wife and children he was being 'hysterical'. This is the last emotion I expected I would feel, because it seems outrageous that today in the 21st Century, I should somehow feel events even remotely mirror those of the 1930's. 

Six year ago, when I was voraciously purchasing half a dozen books a week, gorging myself on Camille Paglia, Booker T. Washington, Raichu Hiratsuka, Thomas Sowell, Ezra Pound, Ludwig Wittgenstein, etc etc oh how pompous it all was. I was a bit snobbish maybe, and by a bit I mean unpleasantly so. I was an probably still am, overly confident and arrogant, somewhat pompous. But I envisioned myself acquiring so much consecrated knowledge, that I’d become some kind of majestic dialectic owl. That has not happened, it was never going to happen. But, I've noticed a few things...

Example of madness, we have people right now, going to London, protesting that a ‘virus’ that is killing 1,000 people a day, actually doesn’t exist and it is some kind of ‘reset’ or conspiracy or something else entirely, but it is everything OTHER than what we are being told and what the entire globe is reporting. We live in an age were ‘Flat Earth’ advocates are garnering support. So, yes, we are enduring some very unhealthy moments in human civilisation and it is at these moments when malicious and destructive ideologies can take hold. Josef Stalin once said…

“…hunger is no good to us, hunger just makes people hungry and not angry; it is a truism of human nature that it is the mere suspicion or thought that other people gorge on venison whilst you eat boiled turnips, it is this impulse of jealousy that inspires useless peasants to form into useful battalions…”

So, what Stalin and Hitler both understood, was that in times of crisis, people are more likely to consume flawed and odious politics and ideologies. You create a victim and then you offer them a sacrificial enemy and you have the beginnings of something woeful. In Germany, the victim was the Aryan, the sacrificial enemy was Judaism. In Russia, the victim was the proletariat, the enemy was the factory owners, the international bourgeoisie. In our age, I feel and I’ll explain in detail why I feel this way. But it is becoming undeniable, that the victim is the ‘black community’ and the sacrificial enemy is ‘White people’.

I will now explain why I feel this way and I will now draw your attention to 'Cuts Keep It 100 Series' as shown on YouTube. Essentially all their content is based on 100. So, 100 people ask, or 100 ideas about. That kind of concept. Well, the Goebbels propaganda office released a video entitled…

‘What Are Jews Superior At?’

That’s not true, it might be, I’ve not seen evidence that specific. I was being facetious, but my point is largely serious. Because this company ‘Cuts’ did release a video entitled…

'What Are White People Superior At?'

This is the title, you can find analysis by Gothix, Aba & Preach or Cedric and Brian on YouTube, the Daily Wire with Michael Knowles.

I mean to say that it is not difficult to find for yourself and watch it, if you can stomach it. The reason I bring this to your attention, is that it fits a theme that has been troubling me for some time, as I’ve hinted at in the previous paragraphs. Each day, something new and always more insidious in its presumption and suggestion, every time I feel it can’t get more deeply perfidious, it does. I advise you to find this video and watch it, I truly do.

I will give you some back ground context. Now, I have three young girls; beautiful little ladies. Nia-Mae (11), Millicent (9) and Edith (7). Bubbly little things and delightfully polite. Despite my wife not wanting me to. I felt I had to make them aware of the type of ideology that is gaining momentum in academic institutions and is growing unchallenged in the world. I need them to see how passivity in the face of egregious ideological trends, always fosters and encourages persecution. My girls are well aware of Germany in the 1940’s and Russia and Cambodia and China’s ‘great leap forward’. It would be irresponsible not to educate our children, because grimly enough as they mature and we fade away. The world that remains, ell they will encounter this ‘Critical Race Theory’ ideology in full control and bloom.

So, I got them some treats and a drink and I made them all sit down, one, two three on the sofa. Together we watched this video by ‘Cuts’ in their ‘100 Series’ as seen on YouTube. My point being, this type of material is out there and it is accessible. This material exists, but the content must always focus on ‘white people’ it is not permitted to focus on any other ethnicity but Caucasian.

You cannot produce a video and have it monetized on YouTube that asks ‘What Are Muslims Superior At?’ then have Sikh, Hindu, Jewish or Christian people regurgitate the most foul and bigoted nonsense. It will not happen, it can’t happen. The hypocrisy, is very potent and this all ties in with the idea of the Caucasian Quisling Syndrome. Because, I know people, white people with children who awkwardly tried to defend this video as ‘irony’. Watch it, it is not ironic in the least, it is cruel and unconcealed racism.

About half way through, my girls were visibly upset and my wife wanted me to turn it off. I was enraged, my wife was saddened, but my children were awe struck with a confused kind of sorrow? But this is not a single event, it is not occurring in isolation, it is an ideological trend exhibited with gusto in Western academia and main stream media.

Nia, my eldest, she cried a little, because she felt 100 black people hated her, but they had never met her, they just hated the colour of her skin. She could not fathom how her skin colour, could be a reason to despise her and say that she ‘smells funky’. She is not ashamed to be white, she has not become introverted. But she was upset that somebody could exhibit bigotry and hatred with so much confidence in their own moral superiority. This video, is advertised and monetised on YouTube and there has been ZERO main stream critical attention drawn to it. My youngest two daughters were just silent, they are SEVEN and NINE. They did not cry, but I could tell their brains were desperately trying to process what had just happened.

I didn't find this video funny; it is not meant to be either. Some have tried to inelegantly defend it as ‘humour’. But, if you take out ‘white’ and put ‘black’ is it still humour, or is that definitely racism? It is a process of this ‘Woke Evangelism’ which promotes black supremacy and it is seen at worst as simply contentious. That’s it, people will perform some hideous mental gymnastics, NOT TO concede that it is racism, it is merely ‘controversial’. The initial prompt question of ‘What Are White People Superior At?’ this is divisive and the responses were all bigoted and prejudiced to the last. Every last one and yet...there is no push back, not celebrity outrage, no tweeter tornado of wailing and screaming – just a mute kind of cultural cowardice.

YouTube allowed this video, I find that worrying and massively uncomfortable. YouTube regularly censor all criticism of Islam, all discussions about this virus that is harming the globe. YouTube has ‘community standards’ which says you can’t persecute based on ethnicity, religion or gender. Really?

This ‘Cuts’ video is egregious to the point of evil and it upsets me that somebody somewhere, probably a 'white middle class liberal' thought this video was a very 'Woke Inclusive' idea, or Caucasian Quisling Syndrome. When this type of propaganda and vicious vitriol is openly released and done confidently so, do you not think maybe, at some point we need to resist, for fear of what is to come next or indeed who is next, could it be the hard working, affluent and academically successful East Asian communities of the West?

So, we are getting to a point now, where people are desperate to absolve a certain ethnicity/community of their blatant and violent racism. This is done in the main stream media, politics and academia by not holding them accountable or to the same moral standards we hold ourselves. This is bigotry of low expectation and it produces negative results. Don’t take my word for it, listen to some Thomas Sowell, Candace Owens, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman or Allen West.

Watching the video, made me a little sick in my mouth, I felt sick, because I was watching my children react to this blatant racism. Yet, the main stream media and race theory advocates will testify that ‘black people can’t be racist’. It is astonishing, but it is very pervasive and we are seeing more of this in Western culture. When YouTube allow this open and confident prejudice, do you not think something is wrong somewhere, because it sickened me.

Somehow YouTube decided this video and the divisive question 'What Are White People Superior At?' was just fine and compliant with their community standards. The entire video, is just racist stereotypes, one after another after another, some condescending others down right bigoted. But it is not just in the West this worrying trend is gaining a foothold. It is also present in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, I’ll explain.

It would not be inaccurate nor wrong to say, that England is a white majority nation. At the last consensus count, England was 87.2% white. Historically England is a European nation, inhabited mainly and almost exclusively by Caucasians. Much in the same way Nigeria is historically a black nation and Japan is historically a Japanese nation. In the Japanese parliament, the Nigerian parliament, nobody laments the lack of Peruvian representation. There is no outrage or condemnation when there is a picture in Nigeria or Japan that does not depict enough 'ethnic diversity'. Because it must be proportionate to population density and presence.

Labour's Dawn Butler and Dianne Abbot are always at the forefront of multicultural schisms. They advocate and are often called upon to champion this moral hysteria; but they are oddly silent with regards to Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia and video’s like ‘Cuts – What Are White People Superior At?’

There is a denial, a hypocrisy and in some cases just cold hard censorship when you challenge this denial. When you ‘no platform’ differing world views, then bigotry is allowed to flourish and so the more intensely the unpleasant parallels to Nazi Germany present themselves, to me at least.

Another example, in 2019 Richard Branson started an entrepreneurial scheme in South Africa where 'white people' make up 9.2% of the population, there being around 5.4million of them. There was a picture taken at a majority white school in a majority white neighbourhood and there were numerous white faces smiling. Nothing untoward, in Bradford there are many schools with young Pakistani or Bangladeshi heritage children smiling when they’ve won a trophy or done especially well in exams. It is perfectly acceptable and nobody would openly criticise it…or so you’d think.

In South Africa, a fashion designer Thula Siundi lamented... “Where did you find so many white people in South Africa?” The Guardian applauded her, the Independent said she was a brave voice in the face of oppression. Oppression? It was a scheme to help young South Africans that just so happened to feature a few white South Africans. Children, whose parents had been evicted from their ancestral farms and forced to move into the cities. Keep that idea in mind, because it seems to me, to negate the idea of multiculturalism that Dianne Abbott and Dawn Butler so passionately endorse so often and is widely publicised in Western mains stream media and politics.

The Independent said Richard Branson was exasperating the spread of ‘white privilege’. Siundi goes on to say...

“That must have really taken an honest effort for exclude the majority of the population which is just as skilled and talented."

Now it is true, that South Africa is predominantly black, but there are white communities. It was just a school chosen because it had an excellent busines department. So, think Britain as a majority white nation, a fact, it's not racist to quote actual truths. Just like Japan is a majority Japanese country and Nigeria has a majority black population. Just solid facts and you can censor facts, but you can’t un make them.

But, to illustrate my point, think Oldham or Leicester in the UK. Imagine if somebody had sponsored a similar entrepreneurial course at a college that just so happened to be largely attended by children of Pakistani or Bangladeshi heritage. Imagine, if you took a picture of Oldham college, that featured largely Asian students; do you think it would be permissible to for a white fashion designer to boldly declare…

'Where did you find so many Asian people in Britain?'

Think about that statement, would you find anybody in the UK who would brashly announce a similar question after seeing an NHS, police force or Teacher recruitment campaign that had numerous Asian faces? Siundi wasn’t alone, because Tebogo Ditshego, head of a public relations and marketing firm in the country, felt so bold as to look at all the white South African faces and ask

“Where's the diversity in that team?”.

So, even when white people are a visible ethnic minority, they must endorse and be multiculturally aware, even as a minority. Would you think of asking the same of a minority in Britain? The programme was considered racist because it was not 'diverse' enough, even though the white community is already a minority at only 9.2% of the total population. So, in a Black majority country, people were outraged that a picture showed so many white faces. Think about that and then understand how bold and loud people were at being so confidently racist.

This trend relates to the ‘Cuts 100’ video, it is all connected to the establishment of adherents to ‘Critical Race Theory’ which is sophistry and jargon, masquerading as academic discourse, but which in reality is blatant racism.

Once again, the similarities to National Socialist rhetoric and the growth of Anti-Semitism in Germany at the midpoint of the 20th Century. I find this chilling and I’m a largely non hysterical kind of soul. But the evidence is abundant and I have numerous other cases to cite, but it would simply be a mammoth task to compile. I’m quite stoic and reflective, I tend to think before I scream, but there must come a point when somebody, somewhere has to be bold and genuine enough to say, ‘this is racism, it is wrong, it will not be allowed to continue un contested’. I’m not that man, I have a family and I am a coward, this General Discussion post is about as Rosa Parks as I’m going to get.

The ‘Cuts 100’ video, stunned me by its total lack of awareness. Example, A black woman, with straight bleached blonde hair, speaking English, proudly accused white people of cultural appropriation, there is no self-awareness at all and every contributor is like this. I genuinely had to ask myself if it was indeed real, could it be some kind of dreadful joke or SNL sketch? No, it is genuine, because there is an academic movement, which advocates this type of bigotry, it is called ‘Critical Race Theory’.

I worry because the manner in which the participants, the 100 black individuals calmly espoused their bigotry, without shame, irony or thought worried me. They felt morally entitled to be so racist and narrow minded, not unlike willing advocates of Nazism. Because, they employ the same methodology to stereotype and prejudice, that the Nazi's advocated about the Jewish race. I see that Nazism and Wokism use the same play book, I keep saying this, because it is blatantly true. I watched this ‘Cuts 100’ video and I felt angry, but also, I just felt sad. Because something else I noticed, the participants each espouse a victim criterion, whilst being obnoxiously bigoted and entitled.

One participant goes so far as to mention 'pets', yes pets. Apparently white people are superior at looking after their pets – what? - tell that to Will Smith in 'I am Legend'. But seriously, she was being thoughtful, there was no irony. The strangest and most asinine was when one black male, with a pause and self-assurance, said that 'fun' having fun, being in a fun mood, well this is a function of 'white supremacy', seriously, do watch the video if you have not done so already. One black girl, says that white people are superior at…

“…smelling funky, white people smell bad…”

Pause, digest that sentence.

It was said on a YouTube video, a fully monetized video on a massive global platform. A young black girl said this with a sly proud gusto. Do you feel this is racism or not? She put forward and meant, that a characteristic of ‘whiteness’ is stench, smell, an unpleasant odour. Otto Adolf Eichmann, of the Nazi SS said of Jewish children…

“…they smell, you can almost hear their smell, it is a musky aroma that seeps into even the hardiest leather boot…”

The sentiments from the young black girl 2020 and Adolf Eichmann are identical. So, can you appreciate why, it astonishes me that there will be people, robotically denying this is remotely racist. Some kind of conditioning has been programmed into them and they will reject this as racism and this is what I call Caucasian Quisling Syndrome. So, when people ask me, ‘why do you bring this up all the time?’. I tell them, that I I’m responding to these video’s; I did not make any of these videos nor did I sponsor them or write them. These products are being released on heavily populated platforms with immense traffic and there is zero push back. One comment, said that…

“ can say it is racist but because of slavery black people are allowed to fight back…”

There is so much stupidity to unpack, I didn’t try. I read the comment, shook my head and went to bed. So, it got me to thinking. Now, if the prompt question 'What are white people superior at?' is not racism, YouTube allowed it and is approved by Community Standards, it is okay, it is allowed by YouTube and more than that, it is also monetized. People were fiscally rewarded for creating this video.

'What are black people inferior at?' is this racism, or is this even to be allowed? I don't know, nobody has tried to make such a video and I seriously doubt anybody will. 'What are black people inferior at?'.

Do you see how divisive it can get when in you pretend in the name of compassion, diversity and multiculturalism to desire equality, when in reality you are simply embarking on a witch hunt. When main stream platforms distribute and sponsor bigotry, racism and division – do you not worry about this trend? Is it not about time this ‘Critical Race Theory’ is rebuffed, is met with severe and precise criticism? ‘Black People Can’t Be Racist’ I regretfully draw your attention to the link below…