follow up on my afghan boy

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follow up on my afghan boy

Just thought I'd tell you that the afghan boy I've been looking after ( in my capacity as ethnic. minority co-ordinator) found out yesterday that his parents and brothers and sisters are alive. For a year he has known they were missing and presumed they were dead after their Kabul home was totalled by US bombers and no-one culd find them. They were hiding in a remote village they had run to.The boy had already been staying with relatives in Pakistan saving to come over here.
He is so happy. He may have to go home now but he's just relieved that his family are ok.

Warms yer cockles, dunnit?

Tony Cook
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How wonderful! Let's just hope that they don't fall foul of any other mad and irrelevant U.S. bombing missiions.
Karl Wiggins
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Glad to hear his folks are ok!
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