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FabMo Magazine

Hello all. Just to say my e-zine, Fabulous Mother Magazine, has just gone live.

It parodies those nauseatingly bubbly parenting magazines that you flick through when you're holed up in the laundry cupboard, covered in cake mix, abandoned star chart stickers and clutching a bottle of Chianti.


It's open to submissions for future issues and contains a link to the little book called Nappygate that I've been secretly writing from behind a pile of ironing.

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I'm so pleased this has all gone live, it looks great. Extrememly professional feel, and I'm sure, very funny too. I'll have a proper read later - have already forwarded the link to friends with (and without) kids. Congratulations Lou!
Aw thank you, Ben and Tim - and thanks for passing the link along - much appreciated. xx
How funny is that! Well done on all the hard work, it looks fab. :)
Thanks, Lisa x ~ www.fabulousmother.com
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