Comedy co-writer wanted

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Comedy co-writer wanted

Sketch writer looking for highly literate comedy genius to collaborate with.

No track record necessary if you're genuinely funny and can prise out the comedic with speed and precision.

Ideas and execution of equal importance.

I'm based in Belsize Park, the seat of northwest London suburban comedy.

Male, female, any age, (no under 5s) most important thing is that we click.

Email me at

PS Harvey isn't my real name.

Hi Harvey :) good luck with your search, I'm not local or as talented has most on here but would of loved it. More cellulite than literate lol I liked the (no under 5's) joke my kind of humor. keep writing Keep Smiling :)

smiley Keep Smiling

Keep Writing xxx

harvey was a pooka.


Although I don't think I'm funny people have been laughing at me all my life. Think it might have something to do with my big ears. No, I'm not a rabbit either, except at Easter, but that doesn't really count as there are so many of us around at that time of year. Oh, and I live in a parallel universe called Paisley. It's a bit like a rabbit hole but with the word shit instead of rabbit.
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