Another dialogue question...

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Another dialogue question...

I heard somewhere that all knowledge starts with; I don't know.

English isn't my native language, and I can't remember much from school. I left my ego behind when I started writing. I joined ABCtales to learn from other writers, and I've learned a lot so far just by reading stories on this website. This community has been very helpful to me, so I would like to extend my thanks to all of you. smiley

Right then... there's this little thing that keeps tripping me up. The guides I've found on Google about writing dialogue says to start a new paragraph with every new line of dialogue. I'm not entirely sure what that means.

If the same person keeps talking, should I still make a new paragraph? Like, how would you guys write the following (a clip-out from my sci-fi story @

The crowd gathered in front of him. “We’re all standing just a bit taller today,” said Clarke proudly. “We never thought we’d lay eyes upon Teras again, and yet–here we are… ready to get this great city back on it’s feet! All thanks to our brave soldiers. They’ve done their part. Now it’s our turn. Working together, we stand as one!” He raised his right arm at his side and made a strong fist. The crowd responded in kind. “We are…” he shouted. Then the city echoed with the thundering roar of thousands of voices shouting in unison, “Forge!”

Should it be a new paragraph after Clarke starts talking again?

I'm still learning to write novel-type stuff, so I'm not quite ready to post this story on ABCtales yet. If anyone has the time and will to read through this story, or just that latest part of the story, just to get a general sense of my dialogue writing and give me some proper critique, I'd be very grateful. I know I've got a great story there, and I really don't wanna mess it up with bad structure. blush

EDIT: Another example of what I'm talking about...

“Deuteros, you’re back!” said Boreas as he stumbled into the room. His internal system resuscitated him after the nanites repaired his body. He was suffering from heavy blood loss, but still functional for all intents and purposes. “Where’s Kainos?” he asked.

Should the second line be a  new paragraph?


Well, at the moment some published and very much lauded writers (Jon McGregor for one) are producing dialogue in a very experimental form - even speach marks are excluded from text.  So with this rule breakining being accepted as the new mainstream there's no real hard and fast rules it would seem.

There is no need for a new paragraph when the dialogue commences in your examples above Hoodling.  As it appears at the moment it is fine.  Others more knowledgeable tha I may take a different view.  I hope this helps.  Good luck with the novel too.


So, I should just make new paragraphs when a new person talks?

I've noticed that people tend to write their own way, but I think I'd get confused reading dialogue without quotation marks. I just want to make sure my material is easy to read. I'm planning to take advanage of the critiquing service ABCtales offers, but I figured I'd get these "little things" ironed out on my own before I do that.

Thanks for the help! laugh

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