Some Pro-Corbyn/Anti-May Songs I Like

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Some Pro-Corbyn/Anti-May Songs I Like
I feel like Jeremy Corbyn - Sam Harrison
A Song For Jeremy Corbyn - Lily Gaskell
All That's Left (The Jeremy Corbyn Song) - Laura Green
The (Believe in) Jeremy Corbyn Song - Buttcut
A song for Theresa May - Danny Jones

My favourite election song right now is 'My name it is Sam Hall and I hate you one and all' (trad ballad about a chimney sweep that gets hanged). Hate both party leaders with a passion. I am voting tactically for Claire Wright an Independent who has a strong chance of ousting Sir Hugo Swine our do nothing Tory MP for Devon East.

A more cheerful song  I wanna be Elected  - Alice Cooper

Have to admit Jeremy's voters have raised the chance of a Labour government next time. IMO this would be better than what we have right now. (June 15) We still have the Devon East Question ie how to get a non Tory MP  next election.


Different election, but this remains an all time classic:

Always fond of this Bonzos number too